[US][H][Hyjal]<Not Ideal> Recruiting for Shadowlands!

Hello from Not Ideal!!

Are you are looking for an active guild for Shadowlands to run mythic keystones with and a great raid team for Castle Nathria? or looking to find a new home for the remainder of BFA? We’d like to invite you to join us.

About us: Not Ideal is a guild that consists of 2 raid teams. The Heroically Ideal group who focuses on AOTC and Mythically Ideal who is focused on mythic progression. Our core fundamental is creating a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy WoW. We are friends, even a family of sorts. If you like puns, dad jokes, and a friendly environment, then “Not Ideal” might be a good fit for you!

Raid Times:
Heroically Ideal: Tuesday & Thursday, 10:00 PM EST to 12:00 AM EST
Mythically Ideal: Saturday & Sunday, 10:00 PM EST to 1:00 AM EST

Heroically Ideal: 1/12 M, 12/12 H
Mythically Ideal: 11/12 M, 12/12 H

Heroically Ideal - Currently breaking till prepatch but looking for Healers.

Mythically Ideal - Our recruitment has opened up for Shadowlands. We are trialing all class/spec for DPS, specifically looking for a flex healer preferably a WW Monk or Ret Pally. We are always open to causal raiders who cannot commit to a set raid schedule but have a desire to raid to help fill our mythic team when we have absences.

Raid Requirements: Gemmed and enchanted gear, potions, consumables (food/flask) are provided, and a positive attitude. We use and require Discord for communication - we do not expect you to talk, but we need you to be able to hear raid callouts.

General Expectations: Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. Our biggest policies can be summed up to “Keep it Classy.” We like being nice.

As far as raiding goes, we expect you to be present, on time, and ready to do your best. We care more about your ability to work within a team than your numbers, and we would rather see someone solidify boss and class mechanics than top the dps or healing charts.

Many of our guild members are in/above their mid 30s; while we certainly don’t have an age limitation, any childish nonsense is not going to be a good fit.

We may be Not Ideal, but we always strive for perfection!

If you are interested or have any questions please contact the raid leader of the team you are looking to join on Discord or Battle.net. Please include your character name, spec, and current server.

Recruiter: Discord: Chizicle#3760 // Battle net: Chizicle#1335

Heroically Ideal Raid Leader: Discord : Tick509#8088 // Battle net: Aprict#1494

Mythically Ideal Raid Leader: Discord: True#7244 // Battle net: True#1326


Still looking!

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Classic Woes got you down? Come check us out! Still looking to find more to make us their home!

Still looking for some dps!!

Good morning. If you have any questions about the Mythic team, feel free to add me. I’m the raid leader of this amazing team. Always looking for dedicated raiders. Thanks.

We are still looking for some raiders to join us!!

Still looking :slight_smile:

If you are primarily looking for a group to run keys with rather than raid with, we have people who would love to have you in their keystone groups!

Still looking!!

Now that the hall of fame is filled - cross realm trials are available next reset, giving you the perfect opportunity to check us out! If you are looking for an active guild with guildies to run mythic keystones with and a great raid team for Azshara’s Eternal Palace? We’d like to invite you to join us.

Still looking!!!

We could especially use a Warlock!

Search continues!

Do you accept people who are not well experienced? but have AOTC?

Yes we do! We are looking for the player - someone that will fit in with our raid team. If you are willing to learn all we ask :slight_smile:

New recruitment needs are updated in post with 8.3 around the corner!

While most of our focus is on our two amazing raid teams, we also run several M+ keys throughout the week, compete in PvP, and various other fun activities. We also have a unique few individuals who actually enjoy Island Expeditions (and they’re already level 80 on their necklace). Come be apart of this amazing community!

Still Recruiting - current needs:

Heroic Team - Healers, backup tank.
Mythic Team - WW/Mist Monk, Arms/Fury Warrior, Unholy/Frost DK, Mage, Warlock.

Come on in the water is fine.

Real fine now that you are here :wink:

Recruiting for both teams :slight_smile:

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We currently have two very solid teams. If you want to know how good raiding can be, come join us and find out!