[US][H][Area 52] <Second Round> 2/11M SFO is recruiting for Season 4

About Us:
Second Round is a raid driven PVE-oriented guild composed of players of all walks of life looking to chill and progress. We also have groups running keys, knocking out dailies, and everything in between. Whether you are a serious raider, a KSM pusher, or an altoholic, we’ve got something for you. We are recruiting experienced but chill raiders who want to work together to improve and progress through S4. We were 2/10M CN, 3/10M SOD, 2/11M SFO and are pushing to pass our previous progresses in season 4.


  • RDPS(Warlock/Ele Shaman/Hunter)
  • Healer(Resto Shaman)
  • DPS Warrior


  • Be respectful to everyone
  • 18+
  • Don’t be toxic
  • Be willing to improve
  • Contributes to raid resources
  • Meet your raid sim number
  • Integrates themselves into the social aspect of the guild.

Raid Schedule:

  • Wednesday, Friday 8:30-11:30 PM EST

For More Information:


Its death hope this works

Hi i am intrested i am a multiclass multi role player. I was 7/12 mythic Nyolotha on my bm hunter. I am changing realms for better raiding and i transfered to Area 52. I am looking for a casual to semi hardcore raid i am looking to main enh/ele and have a druid back up you raid days and times work for me.

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I’m interested

good guild

we are a good chill group of peeps come by and check us out lets get some mythic bosses down together in a fun atmosphere

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bumping for visibility

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I’m interested in joining for SL raiding. I haven’t raided seriously since WotLK, but I’m looking to get back into it. I plan to heal as Mistweaver monk, but I’m wiling to play whatever class/spec is helpful. I prefer to heal though.

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Hi! are you in need of resto shaman?

165 Fury warrior with AotC experience. Plan on getting higher ilevel this week.

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