Useless currencies?

Every time I open a victorious contender’s strongbox, I get those shadowflame crest thingies that are supposed to form another currency.

Currencies upon currencies. It’s like the Dragonflight version of Systemslands, haha.

Do we really need this crap in a pvp box??


Pretty sure you need them to upgrade pvp gear dont you?


First of all you don’t even need to upgrade pvp gear. But even if you wanted to do that for pve reasons you could just do it with honor.

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How about vendor gray items worth 5-20gold.
Why do we get cracked medallions worth 26 silver?

That too. Just give us more marks, man.

The only worthwhile thing i can think to do with them is make them into crests then vendor for 5g. But yeah, the sacks constantly going into my bag and then having to click the sack to get the fragments then have to click frags into crests is… inane.

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Maybe they’re trying to force pvpers into being more “well rounded” players, lol.

They’re meant as an option to allow PVPers to shift to PVE content if they want. That’s if your class/spec doesn’t use the same secondaries in PVP as PVP. It’s meant to be a path to entry level PVE gear same as how easy to get Honor is for entry level PVP.

I just want less clicking.

You get a BG chest, you click to open it, it gives you 2-3 of those bags, you click to open those and it gives you stacks that you have to click again to combine into the seal thing.

Are the trying to give us carpel tunnel?

I feel your pain. Literally and figuratively, lol.

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