[US][A] [Stormrage] <Broken Limits> 6/10M CN Mythic T/TH

Still looking for quality ranged dps! (Prefer boomies or hunters). Also considering Unholy DK or ranged dps with healer Off spec. Don’t meet those requirements? Hit us up anyway and we’ll see what we can do!

Come join a fun team and get loot!

Ba-da-bump! Come raid so we can push Mythic :slight_smile:

Still looking for quality dps! Mainly ranged dps - willing to consider specific types of melee or any exceptional player(s)! Help us solidify our team so we can push for CE this tier!

Bump - Huntsman down! 2/10M!


Starting Prog on Hungering Destroyer!

2\10 bumpb

Happy Saturday!

We’re still recruiting! Ranged DPS (bonus points for healing offspec ^ . ^), and DK’s and pallys! <3

Still interested in any exceptional dps (or dps/healer off-spec)

We now have an application form! Please fill out the below google form and we’ll get back to you!

h ttps://forms.gle/ZZzs9V5ihoGUG6uh6

Spots are starting to fill up - but we still have room for an Unholy DK, ranged dps, or any dps with healer off-spec. Hit us up if interested :slight_smile:

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Daily bump number 334. They still havent figured out I am a potato.

Mondays suck but raiding doesn’t. Join us!

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Leh BUmp!!!

Thursday Bumps!

Hungering Destroyer down! 3/10 :smiley:
Come bash your face into the next boss with us

Have you seen that we’re in the top 100 guilds on Stormrage? Got a late start to Mythic this patch, but we’re catching up! Come join us and have fun!