[US][A] [Stormrage] <Broken Limits> 6/10M CN Mythic T/TH

Why hello there!

We are currently Recruiting the Following Roles
Ranged DPS
Havoc DH

Broken Limits is an Alliance raiding guild on Stormrage-US looking for dedicated members to fill out our mythic raiding team to progress through Castle Nathria. We’re looking to recruit any exceptional players (especially ranged DPS) for progression raiding.

We came out of Ny’alothia with 10/12M and are looking to push ourselves to get CE during Castle Nathria.

What We Need and Expectations:

We are looking for mature players that have previous raid experience who are committed to raid two nights a week. The objective of the guild for Castle Nathira is to get AoTC as quickly as possible and begin progressing through Mythic, with our sights set on CE before the end of the tier.

Raid Nights are Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30pm to 11:30pm EST (Server.)

The main requirement is that you are expected to be available at these times within reason and are working to keep your main in raid ready shape. Shadowlands has several systems that you will need to be keeping on top of in order to be optimal.

Our expectations for start of Castle Nathria progression are as follows:

· Must be iLVL 200+
· Must have optimized your soulbinds/conduits.
· Must have all gear BiS with proper Gems/Enchants where applicable.
· Must bring BiS stat food, flasks, health pots, temporary enchants (weapon stones, oils, etc.) where applicable, etc.
· Must come to raid with a basic understanding of all the raid encounters for the current tier.

With only 20 people we can take per run, there will be times where you will be asked to sit either due to performance metrics, composition, or allowing other raid members a chance for a kill. Therefore, a team-oriented attitude is critical for our success. Be ready to make decisions for the good of the team, not necessarily the individual.

You are required to be available every night that we run Mythic if you are on the bench. To that end, you will have to keep your lockout available to us until the end of the 2nd raid of the week.

About the Guild

Broken Limits was formed by MMO veterans who have over a decade of MMO experience. Our raid officers and GM have raid experience of endgame content in multiple MMOs and wish to share that knowledge and know how to create a community that can progress through content while ensuring that the team has a good time doing it.

Outside of raiding, we’re a very chill group of people that play a variety of games with vastly diverse interests. Weather it’s posting pictures of your pets or indulging in your inner weeb, you’ll likely find someone that will share your interests. WoW is the most fun when you have like minded people to share it with and part of the reason that this guild has been as successful as we are is that we are tightly knit while being ok with laughing at each other from time to time.

Officer List:

· Xylethepithy: Guild Master
· Turack: Raid Leader
· Selliane: Mythic+ Leader

If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to fill out the below Google Form or send a message to one of us below:

Application Link
h ttps://forms.gle/ZZzs9V5ihoGUG6uh6

In game on US-Stormrage

  • Xylethepithy
  • Turack


  • XyleHarkyn#1504
  • Strifex#1141

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

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Bump! Still interested in new members - hit us up if interested :slight_smile:

This portion of your message would feel significantly more meaningful if either of your warlocks were the correct covenant, had the correct talents, could keep dot uptimes, just played the right spec, or any combination of the above. I would suggest you reevaluate your expectations for people if you can’t even meet them.

@Hkia we said optimized Soulbinds/Conduits - not covenants. We decided early on to let our raiders choose what covenant they wanted and we wouldn’t force the option on them. That being said - if they can’t bring the dps eventually they will be replaced as one would expect. Same logic with their specs - one of the warlocks is destruction atm but will likely have to go affliction as we get deeper into progression - these things are fluid. Not going for world first here - just trying to find the right balance while still going for CE - requirements will change over time :slight_smile:

Monday Bumps

only interested in a MM hunter?

my parses are public on warcraft logs if you want to see how i do as BM… i rarely raid as MM simply because i do not like it but i can play it.

MM performs significantly better than BM on most encounters in Castle Nathria so in general we’d prefer to see that…you’re actually the first BM hunter I’ve seen so far this expansion :). Regardless ping me or Xyles in game or on b.net to discuss further. Also please note - we’re alliance so faction / server transfer would be needed.

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General Bump - 8/10 H 1/10 M. Should be able to make more progress shortly!

Stone Legion (H) down - 9/10 H 1/10 M. Still looking for quality ranged dps!


Still looking for those good ranged DPS!

Bump - 9/10 H 1/10 M - still looking for ranged dps! (any exceptional players may apply)

Still looking for ranged dps! (any exceptional players may apply)

Bamping. So close to clearing Heroic Denathirus.

AOTC Clear - very close to kill on Huntsman Mythic! Still looking for ranged dps

We got AOTC - cause we BROKE OUR LIMITS!

Ok Sell, Your not allowed to be in the public eye anymore.
Its like when your talking to your coworkers at the company picnic and your kid runs over to show everyone what he found in his nose…

Bump - Still looking for quality ranged dps! Looking to push much harder into Mythic in the next few weeks!

Last full clear of Heroic Tonight to get the skip. Still looking for a few classes to round out the team as we push further into Mythic.

We need you! Pls come raid with us! <3

Ba-Bumped. Come check us out!