[US][A] < Immortal Legacy > | 7/8 BWL | W/F 7:30-11 pm st

Is enjoying raids a priority? The raiders of Westfall’s < Immortal Legacy > 7/8 BWL aspire to down current content and create memories. We formed in March from an 8/8 BWL raid team because we wanted a more responsive officer core than the original guild offered.

Raid Schedule:
Wed BWL 7:30-11/Fri MC & Ony 7:30-11 pm.

Currently we are raiding a bit later Wednesday nights since we’re coraiding with another Westfall guild (i.e. half of our raid are newcomers), but we expect as people become more familiar with BWL and each other our completion times will speed up.

Loot System:
Our loot system was implemented based on our raiders’ desire to keep loot distribution streamlined and not interfering with raid flow. Our current loot system is MS>OS, with +1 round robin (implemented so that no one should be walking away with all of the tier gear in one night).

If you have any questions or wish to discuss further what we can offer, contact Mercurial#1845 and/or Mestfate#1954.

You in need of a resto druid for your raid team?

Unfortunately no, we have two with excellent attendance. However we are interested in another feral druid if you would be comfortable raiding in that role.


I have a Hunter on Atiesh server but I would like to transfer to an east coast server. Are you in need of a Hunter? I am currently 7/8 BWL.