US Top 50 Experienced Tank LFG


Hello everyone.

Returning player here, currently looking for a spot this upcoming raid tier. Hoping to find something semi-hardcore to hardcore. I understand I am behind, but I am hoping to use these next few weeks to catch up to get to where I need to be. Wanting to play Monk/DK, but I am open to playing what is necessary for the group comp.

I don’t have access to logs at the moment from WoL, other than the small amount of time I spent with Myrmidons on Tichondrius. Most of our logs while I was in Avid were privatized, and anything from ToS and HFC are gone from the looks of it. Nonetheless, here is a small list of accolodes over the last few Xpacs.

  1. US 86th Aggramar (Tank) Blood DK
  2. US 69th Mistress Sazzine (Tank) Blood DK
  3. US 47th Fallen Avatar (Tank) Blood DK
  4. US 49th Mythic Kil’jaeden (Tank) Blood DK
  5. US 60th Mythic Helya (Tank) Prot Warrior
  6. US 49th Mythic Cenarius (Tank) Prot Warrior
  7. US 25th Gruul (Swing Tank) Blood DK
  8. US 15th Kromog (Off Tank) Blood DK
  9. US 10th Operator Thogar (DPS/Mass Grip) Unholy DK
  10. US 72nd 10 Man Mythic Garrosh (Main Tank) Blood DK

I was with Avid-Illidan since the beginning of Blackrock Foundry during WoD. When we were at our peak, we pushed minimum 6 hour nights, 6-7 Days a week during Blackrock Foundry. This is when we pushed our hardest for ranks, but we crumbled after 500+ pulls on Blast Furnace. During that time we got -

For Uldir, I closed out the tier with Myrmidons on Tich after Avid collapsed. I filled in for the last 2 bosses on mythic on my monk. I made it clear I wasn’t planning to stay, only long enough for them to find a more permanant applicant, and for them to get their cutting edge. After that I took a break for BoD.

TLDR : Top 50 US Experienced tank looking for a spot on a Monk/DK for next tier.

Battletag - Angry#1480

Blood DK Armory -

BM Monk -