[US-Thrall] <The Chub Club> CE 9/9M US377 10.2 Recruitment

Summary of our search query:

  • Looking to build upon what we already have as we go into 10.2

  • Discord message me: kitchenorfist - I’m always available to chat. ALWAYS!

Looking For:

  • Shadow Priest w/ off specs
  • Any exceptional Range DPS

Name: The Chub Club
Realm: Thrall - Horde
Schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday 9:30PM-12:30AM EST
History: 8/8M VotI & 9/9M ATSC w/ Former US-100 Leads/Raiders
Goal: CE every tier. Achieved last season during Vault which was our first real push for it, and to continue building from there.
Perks: Open discord community that is always chillen in discord chatting it up at all hours of the day and night. Off Night Alt Raids, lots of KSMs and Push keys for title. People actively playing the game or other games in spare time and still chillen in discord.

About We are just looking to have fun and kill bosses while helping people get better at the game. We have a lot of good raiders that leave the egos at the door. CE Focused, very knowledgeable and extremely active. We provide all videos and weakauras needed to have success at any specific fight. Heavy log analysis to see where we can improve after every raid week. But in the end, we are all goofballs at heart that know how to take a joke, and make them!

We want to fill out our roster for 10.2 - We like to keep a roster of 30-35 to start the tier that narrows down to 28-30ish as we start Mythic prog. All roster spots are competitive each tier and we will always take our best when we move forward into deeper prog. We swap people in and out based on the fight requirements, what loot is still needed, and what bosses someone hasn’t killed yet.

Goal is always to achieve CE for every raider actively on our roster when we get there!

Discord message me: kitchenorfist - I’m always available to chat. ALWAYS!