US- Illidan Horde Recruiting For Shadowlands 12/12M

Guild: Mythic Raid team located on US-Illidan-Horde

Our Guild : As a core we’ve been raiding together since the end of Warlords of Draenor in Hellfire citadel on the server US-Arthas. We moved to US-Illidan after the first tier of BFA.

RECRUITMENT: OPEN (All experienced players encouraged to apply)
-Resto Druid & Shaman Holy Priest & Paladin. Disc Priest is also open.
(All Dps Classes are on open recruitment for the time being.)

What we are looking for: We are a mythic progression team but life happens we understand that, we just want to kill stuff, we aren’t looking to knock down world first’s but we are still aiming for cutting edge. Bottom line is we don’t want to waste your time and we don’t want our time wasted below are qualities we look for in a mythic raider.

-Come prepared we come to raid!
-Have a good time!
-Always keep a positive team attitude =)
-Reliable raiders post in discord if they cant make raid.
-Inspire hope (goes without being said)
-Engage mentally try your best for the team.

Raid times: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 8-pm-11pm ET (These times are currently subject to change but these are times have raided in the past)

Where to apply:
Applications be be submitted on our Google Form here :

Please any questions our officers are almost always available in

Our Recruitment officers listed below.

I applied. If you or one of your officers want to follow up with me please feel free

BNET: SavvyTravy#1358
Discord: Travythesavvy#7333

Hello, contacting you now =) kcin#1645

November 23rd! Still looking for healers and Rdps

Friday! Still looking to fill our ranks Healers & Range Dps particularly.

Still seeking Healers and Dps pst me in Bnet kcin#1645

20 days still open spot available!

Hello :3 New* players can also apply ? :slight_smile:
i’m starting over in Illidan as a Paly prob Repre off heal.

hello! pst me on bnet kcin#1645

I just applied, hit me up if you want to chat. Pizza#1641

11/5 Healers Open still.

Happy Friday! Healers still wanted <3

Saturday, Healers still needed among other dps classes.

bumpski – come raid with us!

Bumpski. Still recruiting healers and select dps

Friday Night bump =D

Seekings Heals & Select Dps