Urgent Care, Kelsey Steelspark is missing

Been trying to get my Mechagnome warrior going for hours now. I keep checking back for Kelsey. Still not there. I guess he’ll be a day behind everyone else. Thanks Blizz.

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Kelsey Steelspark is missing for my Alliance Alt as well.

I was given the quest in SW Embassy.

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This questline seems rough from the start. First I had issues starting now, now Kelsey Steelspark is missing.

Even just a little boost to the next part of the quest would be great

i just saw people unlocking them. How in the hell? I still can’t see kelsey.


No idea. I’ve been at this fountain for hours non-stop waiting on something to happen

I just logged off my Vulpera to see if anything had changed… No Kelsey at the Fountain… still. How vexing.


Got a character there who has unlocked Mechagon, and one who hasn’t (aforementioned Night Elf).
Will report if I’m able when she’s back up and if either circumstance matters. Hopefully tonight. :c

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As far as my situation is concerned, I have the quest Urgent Care, I’m 7800/12000 through honored with Mechagon and I’ve done all of the story achievement on my night elf hunter except do the instance. I’ve done everything in Mechagon almost except the perfectly timed differential on my horde paladin. I don’t think my rep should have anything to do with being able to see Kelsey… It’s a pickle.

No Kelsey. Flag in the room refused to accept that I’ve done the dungeon all day, now Kelsey isn’t existing. My Alliance character has Exalted, done the whole questline, etc.

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@ Kai

Well then that relieves me that it has nothing to do with my hunter’s personal rep. I guess it’s just broken and we gotta wait til Blizz does something about it.

Yeah. But yikes, the requirement quest was broken all day, then finally fixed… only for things to break again right from the start. First world problems, but still feels crappy. :confused: I had a mission but it’s time for bed.

I know. Megs Dreadshredder killed her and ran away with our mechagnome unlock quest :open_mouth:

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Sad to see there no offical Blue post to let it be notice aware of this, Still no sign of hot fix of fixing this, I now try a 4th char, Still no luck on him

I would love to work on mechagnome but I guess fox will just do.

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I just don’t see why no one is seeing or recognizing this


Sadly My guess it late, at there and Every one that working Clock out as leaving sever on over night.

Have “Urgent Care” and I’ve done the introduction. Question mark on my map but no Kelsey.

Welcome to the stuck crew.

If Blizz would at least acknowledge that there is a problem, this wouldn’t be so agonizing D: It seems to me that it’s bugged to where only the people doing “Urgent Care” on their mains that they got the achieve on are able to see Kelsey :frowning:

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I got the issue too even abandoned the quest and picked it up again still nothing.

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