<Uranium>[US][Stormrage][A] Scouting RDPS for mythic prog 5/12

[Tues / Thurs | 8-11pm est] Mythic Team
[ Wednesday | 7-10pm est] Early Heroic Team
[ Saturday | 0030-0330 est] Late Heroic Team

Hello, Uranium is a community & raiding focused guild currently practicing mythic raiding in Nyalotha so that we can complete Cutting Edge in Shadowlands. We have 2 heroic teams to provide a more casual environment where players can improve their play and socialize (we won’t just carry you). We’re actively looking for RDPS and any competent dps/tank/healer to trial for mythic progression. We also have 2 nights of dedicated M+ content and run other guild events for fun. Raiding is important to us, but so are our members, and they always come first. Join the Crew.





Apply Here

Contact our Recruiting Officer on Discord: MoistKumquat#6157