Upright Male Undead

I’d love a posture option for undead.


This needs to happen. Undead paladins needs to happen too.

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If it ain’t hunched, it ain’t horde.

Ill go one better, give us the option for Nathanos style undead, not just bent over rotted corpses.


Both options would be great.

Yes, please make this happen.

There isn’t a single customization option that the Forsaken community has not rallied together in favor of more than this one.

Also, there is a megathread up on this topic already.


That will happen soonish. They already said they want to open all race/class combos. They just need to create lore for the ones like undead paladin that dont really exist.

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Agreed. That’s a great idea.

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I’ve never wanted upright Forsaken personally. Unlike with Orcs, I felt the stooped posture suited them.

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To each their own. The option is there for people like me who want it. And those that don’t, don’t need to use it


Oi, what about the ladies?
Oh right, my lady here isn’t an undead anymore…

won’t matter because the run animation will remain the same, and every since the model reworks, the undead tucking in their arms while they run makes them the most sissy looking males in the game.

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Does it come with Beards for Undead Males?

People always want to beautify monsters.

Its never appreciated for what it is, it has to be as regal and human as possible.

They’re literally humans though?

They arent, they’re undead and the condition gives you claws and a hunched back.

Unless special circumstances or rituals were used to make you more normal.

Undead what? Say it with me now undead HUMANS

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Doesnt change what I said.

Looking to get this in 10.2! Please blizz!

I agree with this, also add in an Afro option and a cane sword while we’re at it so I can change my name to Brooke