Upgrading honor gear is too expensive

Its like 3k for a small piece to get it to 197, thats absurd, especially for alt gearing.




Honestly this wouldn’t be nearly as bad of a grind for alts if they implemented some way of “transferring” honor points to alts.

Currently the currency is character-specific, so every single alt literally has to re-grind it from 0 :weary:

The gearing strategy I use for my own alts is to mix-and-match some 197 covenant gear where I can, and fill the rest with honor gear. This reduces some of the workload/grinding I have to do.

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85,000 honor is unreasonable. Like this is beyond silly for a barrier to just enter competitive pvp at the lowest level. This isn’t even the conquest grind.


I dont think people would mind the grind so much if the gear didnt end up being trash at the end. Grinding all that honor just to realise that you are still going to get rolled by people with 213-220+ilvl fuels quite a lot of the “unsubscribing” posts we get in here every week.

7.1 will fix it with the WoD-style PVP ilvl boosts, so yeah just wait… 4 months? 5 months? And pray they dont screw it up? lol…


Yeah the base gear shouldnt be 158. It should be 170 or higher but yeah pvp is a side game

Cut the honor costs in half.

Pay me BlizZard.

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yeah they honestly need to implement honor catch up systems for alts

double or triple honor or something. It shouldn’t be so unthinkable to gear up via pvp but honor gear is the slowest way to gear up right now. I’d be playing a lot more alts if gearing via honor was more reasonable.

i think making alts more accessible is a win/win for the players and devs


Not to mention the fact that you have to grind all that honor by playing random BG’s against people who vastly out gear you. It’s hard to pretend getting 1 shotted repeatedly is fun.


They need to make honor account wide or have the pvp marks we get turn into honor at a vender since it’s already account wide. At least like 250honor

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what? I’ve gotten honor capped like 4 times. I’ve been buying bfa gear for transmog.

You maxed out honor/conquest upgrades on 4 different characters? Many of us don’t have that kind of time lol.


yeah, my son has done the same thing, maybe you two are just smarter than some of us older folks lol

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Im pretty sure they only mean the ilvl, nothing will be done on the grind
Otherwise how could this company stall people for more playtime?

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I don’t know why people keep saying that this is happening. Blizzard has yet to confirm that they are making any changes to the way PvP gearing works. It’s alright to talk about it, but to go around telling people that they are doing it w/o any way to back it up is the blind leading the blind.

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Yeah I hope if the do bring back WoD gear, they also bring lower honor costs. Items were roughly 2 times cheaper in WoD than now with the same BGs rewards. A chest cost 2200 honor, compared to 5200 now, for example.

So with 15k honor you could actually gear up in a pretty nicely:

  • 3500 weapon
  • 2200 x 4 - chest, helm, pants, shoulders
  • 1750 boots

That’s 6 fully upgraded slots right away and you still had 1k honor for future purchases.


I’d agree. I think the system was created to stop people just quickly buying 197 gear that’s better than anything you can get in mythics (184). But as time’s gone on, it probably deserves to be toned down a bit (especially if they could boost the speed alts could get slightly higher ilvl world quest rewards)

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I think the cost is fine. But then, I like to que bgs far more than doing any other content. It is the damned cap that sucks. Let us cap it out higher. I don’t care if they make it really expensive. I get to about 200 and that toon is capped. I don’t want to do M+ because it isn’t interesting to me. I dont want to do rated because groups and stuff. I just want to log on and bg. But capped. Almost done with it.

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The hybrid idea is the most appropriate - you only upgrade PvE level of gear, and it should scale to the max for free in PvP.

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