Upgrade Your Account Security with the Battle.net Authenticator

It’s still part of the new account process, existing accounts were just grandfathered in. :woman_shrugging:


I was going to ask the same question. My authenticator fob is still going strong since I bought it Many, Many years ago. I don’t want to replace it. It doesn’t require a buggy app and it’s a lot faster than opening my phone and trying to log into the mobile app.


There’s an exact video of a bald guy plotting out what happens when you mess around. It’s been labeled old ergo eventually it won’t be supported/allowed, and I don’t think you wanna be left with a wet bag when that happens.

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Knew this hammer was going to drop at some point.

Please install our tracking app, for your safety of course.


What are you on about?


Just turn that on and be part of the millions that affected data aggregation for companies like Meta (Facebook). Works no different for blizz.


Physical authenticators should still work fine if you have one attached.


But the Battle.net Android app does not have an authenticator widget like the old authenticator app, and I use that a lot. Can we have that added to the Battle.net app as well?


i hate that because i dont have a smart phone and i had to disconnect my physical authenticator when i changed phone numbers that now im forever stuck with out an authenticator on my account and i really want the pet

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Download spyware to your phone so that when you lose your phone or change number you can get locked out of your account. So secure it’ll keep you out of your own account! Great right?


So we get 4 more bag slots in addition to the four+pet we got for installing the old authenticator for a total of 8 additional bag slots?

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Weird, as nothing is on the Battle.net app for this (makes sense since it hasn’t updated in forever), and just checked the Play Store, says the app hasn’t had an Update since January.


I honestly don’t want a garbage app bloating up the phone. Authenticator worked just fine for my needs and was unobtrusive. If the app stops working then I’m just removing authentication.

There is no point in removing a simple app that works just to replace it with a bunch of bnet garbage I don’t need.

If you cared about security, then there would be as many viable choices as possible.


Is this different than the old one? I’ve always had an authenticator

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Says they killing off the old one and the authenticator in now integrated in the battlenet app.

Just installed it today after seeing the post. I hope it’s not just a battery drainer that dings me every 2-3minutes with irrelevant things while I’m trying to sleep or have a meeting or driving. I just want the authenticator.


Yeah, I’ve had that newer version. No issues so far.

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I’d rather not let the company have access to my phone. Sucks I’m griefed into having 4 less bag spots and loss of the ability to edit LFG finder titles, but I have hard stances on certain things.

until the battery dies:O(

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I dont want stupid bags, give me a pet or a mount or no authenticator.

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It does nothing for me because I have no need for the Battle.net phone app. I have the mobile authenticator attached to an old iphone I have for that sole purpose. All I have to do is tap the app and enter the code. Now I have to fiddle around with this new app; am I going to be required to log in every time I need to use an authenticator now? How many extra steps is it going to be to get the authenticator code every time?

I really just don’t get the need to roll it all into one app. Oh well, I’ll just wait until I’m forced to do something for no reason.


I never did like the new one at all. With the old app, I always got in with minimal delay. Since I switched to the new app a couple years ago, there had been times when my smartphone doesn’t have any notification for hours at a time. If I manually started the app, I get “no request” message.

Roughly every other time I need to use the code to get in I get in right away, and other times I can’t get in for hours until somewhere the server decides to contact my phone’s app and yell “Wake up, you need to send code!”

Phone is only 2 years old. Maybe I should dig out my old fobs and re-attach them to my account and forget about using phones?

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