Updating every 5 min

ok is there alotta issues or something? because i keep getting updated like every 5-15 min which is kicking me from playing.

same all the classic games have been updating none stop ALL NIGHT

blizzard it’s been 12 hours you can stop updating all 5 clients

This is a user error.

oh and where is the turn off update every 5 mins button on the launcher then?

Been doing the same for me.

They must have hired like 100 interns that are all doing 1 update at a time.


best part is you HAVE to run the update or else you can’t even run the game

Edit: ahh nice the beta doesn’t even work now it just sits at the loading screen Tuesday gonna rock at this rate

Same issue

Chiming in to say its been happening to me too. I believe it started the day name reserves came up for NA SoM

Happens for Classic Season of Mastery Beta, World of Warcraft Classic, Burning Crusade Classic and Public Test Realm (Classic BCC).

Once past the initializing phase its a very short process of like 3 to 5 seconds and the game becomes playable again

Same I’ve seen many updates recently as well - yesterday and today.

Same, keeps updating all day.

I’m having a similar problem. Whenever I exit the game, whether retail, classic, or SOM beta, it tells me I need to update, but gets stuck at initializing. Running a scan and repair tool will eventually let it start but it’s annoying that it happens every time.

i uninstalled TBC and all PTR wows. still doing it for classic/normal wow. the blizzard updater runs 24/7 in task manager

now November 18th still doing the saME… hey blizz are you paying my internet bill… because right now its cost me a gig!!! get this fixed!!! today i dont have another 25$ to give to comcast for my next bill!