Updated: Vision of Perfection Ret Pally Bug List


Vision of Perfection on Retribution gives Avenging Wrath for 7 seconds.

When it gives you Avenging Wrath for 7 seconds, it also gives you the free Critical Strike for your next Templar’s Verdict or Divine Storm, as well as gives you the Avenger’s Might Azerite trait buff, for 7 seconds.

However, if you already have Avenging Wrath active and Vision of Perfection procs, it adds the 7 seconds to your current Avenging Wrath buff, but it does not give you another free Crit like it should, nor does it give you an additional 7 seconds of Avenger’s Might.

So basically, if Avenging Wrath is already active when VoP procs, you don’t get your extra bonuses, however if Avenging Wrath was not active when VoP procs, you do.

Another bug I found with it is a tooltip error. It’s sort of minor and doesn’t seem to impact the game any, but nonetheless:

When hovering over Vision of Perfection when it is not one of your chosen Heart of Azeroth traits, the tooltip reads:

However, when hovering over Vision of Perfection when it is one of your chosen Heart of Azeroth traits, it reads:

As far as my testing goes, the effects I am getting are definitely the first quote. I get the Versatility, the 5% heal, and the reduced CD of Avenging Wrath whenever Vision of Perfection procs.

Oh a side note: Oddly enough, whenever Vision of Perfection procs when I already have Avenging Wrath active, it does seem to give me the 5% heal, even though it’s not giving me the free Crit, nor the Avenger’s Might duration increase.

Oh, and, Idk if this is intentional, but the Vision of Perfection 5% heal is not being increased by Avenging Wrath’s 20% healing increase, even when Avenging Wrath is already active. I assume that this might be due to the fact that it’s a % of my total health’s heal, however if there was something like Dampening, it would definitely be getting reduced, whereas it is not being increased by abilities that increase healing.



Testing Vision of Perfection again, it still seems to have the same issues, but one of them has been remedied a little.

I am still not receiving the guaranteed Crit, if I already had Avenging Wrath active when Vision of Perfection procs. However, I do gain the guaranteed Crit if I didn’t have Avenging Wrath active at the time of the proc.

And, Avenger’s Might is still a bit weird. I am getting Avenger’s Might’s time increased if I already have Avenging Wrath already active, however it’s not always giving me the full duration that it should be. Occasionally, with Avenging Wrath already active, I’ll gain 7 extra seconds of Avenging Wrath, but only gain like 5-6 seconds of Avenger’s Might.