Updated seeker

In WotLK, when we got achievements, it started several chains of collection goal achievements, since then every other has gotten new goal counts, except for quests

Last updates:
3000 Quests completed: 3.0.1 (I think?)
10000 Daily Quests Complete: 5.0.4
10000 World Quests Complete: 7.0.3 (started in 7.0.3)
Collect 1600 pets: 10.0.0
Collect 500 Mounts: 10.0.0
Collect 500 toys: 10.0.0 (Started in 6.0)

The exact cap of whats possible right now is unclear due to calculation oddness (see post script)
however is is 100% possible to pass 18,000 in this quest’s criteria (with current calculation) and it would be great if we could get corresponding achievements! :slight_smile:
Perhaps, 6k, 10k, 15k and 20k for future?

PS: dev’s if we could get clarification on how this achievement criteria is calculated that would be great, it sometimes seems to count daily and seasonal quests temporarily while they return true for completion,

however the count also seems to be lower than sometimes expected, when running an ingame API request for return completed quest ID’s its around 800 higher than the number listed in the achievement criteria.


I like this idea a lot! I didn’t ever really think about how the quests achievement hasn’t really received an update! Good call out!


I didn’t realize The Seeker achievement hasn’t been updated since The Wrath of The Lich King. Now the number of quests far exceeds 3000. It’s overdue an update. Or better a new achievement - The Wise, The Traveler, The Quester, The Storyteller etc.


Yeah! I’m glad to hear others agree it would be cool :slight_smile:
Honestly I hadn’t really considered rewards for new ones much, I mostly just named the thread after the title since I figured it was more recognizable than the actual achievement lol

I do quite like Azelon’s suggestion of “the quester” I would definitely use that, I currently use loremaster as its the most interesting quest title, but it feels a bit inaccurate since my knowledge WoW lore is still pretty terrible :joy:


There’s a reason for this.

Up to this point, there have been hidden tracking event quests that could count towards quest-completion Achievements. Those hidden tracking quests could result in a player (who carefully counts what they’ve been doing) receiving a ‘50 quests completed’ Achievement after only counting 44 visible quests.

We’ve made a change in the forthcoming Fractures in Time patch that will put a stop to that. After this patch is released, only quests that you see and accept and complete will count towards quest-completion Achievements. Players won’t lose any progress or lose any Achievements they already have, but from that point on, quest-completion Achievements will be counted correctly from the player’s perspective, and shouldn’t appear to be awarded earlier than expected.


Much appreciated insight!
I did some testing on the PTR about this and this is what I found
Daily quests - not temporarily counting (Awesome)
Weekly quests - not temporarily counting (Awesome)
World quests - not temporarily counting (Awesome)
Tracking quest - not counting (interesting change)
Yearly quest - ??? no current holiday up to test this,

However, on a copied version of my main, the number in my stats window (which is seeker count + total dalies ever)
is over 1500 quests lower than expected,
I think a chunk of these is Bonus objectives, I tested on an alt completing a bonus objective and it did not increase its progress toward the achievement (even after a /reload)

-Is bonus objectives not counting a bug?
-Do yearly quests count? such as “honor the flame” for midsummer, we’re hoping the world event quests that don’t reset yearly do count, but the ones that do reset don’t

Again, thank you for the info and update!

As of 10.1.7 players have started passing 15,000 quests completed, We are really hoping to see some new achievements in this series soon :slight_smile:

Its worth noting that the criteria count for these still seems to be lower than expected
Its a bit difficult to get an exact count due to API troubles,
But for me personally it says im at 12122, but the actual count is approximately 13600, which is not an insignificant loss (NOTE: this is taking into account tracking quests not counting towards the total)

This leads into the general topic of these collection goal achievements, We are all kind of wondering about the devs hesitation on adding more of these for any categories, we would greatly appreciate some context! :smiley: