[UPDATED JUNE 28] Chains of Domination Content Update Notes

you only really need 3 of the shards for m+ one of each color for max dps and i agree its pretty annoying what their doing with that system, my guess is they are testing the waters so they can implement tier sets next patch

Solar system of buffs?

  • The demon’s bite & demon blades buffs are the same, because they’re mutually exclusive.
  • the chaos strike and annihilation buffs are the same, because the latter is just the name of CS when we’re in demonic form
  • Unbound chaos change is actually a nerf
  • The other talent changes are hardly game-changing
  • Soul rending change gives us more leech in humanoid form, but reduces it in Meta

Which omits the actual criticism cause you still have to regrind the legendary to get the socket :rofl:

  • Fixed an issue that was allowing Frenzyband’s (Runecarving Power) bleed to benefit twice from increased damage taken effects on the target.

That is feral not guardian. Also you why was there no bug fix to it not benefiting from critical strike?

Pet Battles

  • Removed the cap on the amount of pets that can be owned.



This is wrong, total leech in meta is unchanged. 10 + 20 = 5 + 25.

How about deleting conduit energy and making covenants interchangeable? What about legendary cost refunds? Delete tyrannical? 10 man mythic raiding or flex?

Fix your game? Make it not hotdog water?



could we please get an item or spell book to change the visuals on all magic types in game.

Too little. Too late.



same crap different patch


Seriously haven’t touched First Strike soulbind with Korayn yet… Please for the love make it reset when combat drops, or at least give it an internal cooldown per target.


i just want my gold back blizz. i could care less about soul ash or whatever but give me my gold back since it failed in legion with legendaries and you said there gone now we sit with wasted time and gold cause it failed again. btw thanks for doing absolutely nothing for my enhancement sham appreciate it. and when i say nothing it means absolutely nothing how and why should i enjoy this patch?


Dang and I just spent a bunch of marks to increase mine.


Really glad to see Marksmanship and Beast Master just don’t exist to you anymore.


What are you talking about? Paladins were only dealing…2 times the damage of other healers. So that 8% nerf with the targetted 10% additional nerfs means they will be doing—let me crunch the numbers—
still a boatload more damage than other hea…

ooooooooooohhhhh I see what you mean.
Funny how hpal (or any other drastically overperforming spec) can be buffed through the roof when they are behind, but when they are ahead it’s time to be cautious with the nerfs.

Imagine wires getting crossed and mistweaver accidentally being treated like good ol’ hpal:
Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, and Riding Sun kick damage increased by 50% 75% 100%!
Enveloping Mist mana cost reduced by 99% (we’re leaving 1% so you can still pretend to use mana :wink:
Additional note: we’ll continue to look closely at tuning on these numbers… but not actually. We’ll probably just let you sit around and obliterate the viability of other healers in high end content, patch after patch while pretending to “shake it up”

It’s already not equal in the slightest:
PvP players can hit the highest item levels possible in PvP and may acquire max level gear outside of the RNG vault once a week. Raiders can hit the highest item levels possible in raid and may acquire gear outside of the RNG vault once a week. M+ players can hit the highest item levels possible in M+ and may acquire max level gear outside of the RNG vault once a week GET WRECKEDLAWL

I’m gonna pass on those chains. Not happening anymore, you’ll get my sub back when you respect your players.


his could take a while. And maybe more than the 9.1 release. :smirk:

What about fixing the broken Legion and BfA scaling?
You know, that there is no limit on upscaling for the NPCs?
Gaining 10 levels and ending up weaker than before against the same NPCs in for example Uldum still feels bad since it still is not really offset by new items.


Because they still scale with ilevel. Ion said it’s all working as intended.