[UPDATED AUG. 18] Time Runs Short: Battle for Azeroth

It mentions your neck and essences work in visions, so I would assume so.


Looks like it, the only part of them being removed is the Mad World achievement.

I wouldn’t hold your breath, I doubt we’ll know for sure until a couple weeks out.


I am sure I won’t get an answer on this, but island expeditions, are people going to be able to solo queue those in Shadowlands? I still have a lot of stuff to get from those.


Like how it mentions rank 4 essences like they matter. They’re not like artifact appearances with the mage tower and instead go away the moment you enter Shadowlands (as essences will not work in the Shadowlands) so who really cares about a cosmetic that becomes meaningless.


The achievement for getting all of them, some people care about.

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Yes, you will still be able to play through Horrific Visions once Shadowlands goes live!


I guess the next question is: Will we over power Visions or are you planning to have us scale down to use the Heart and Essences at the right level?

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This is what I’d like to know as well. Fingers crossed.

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So are Jaina and N’zoth Mythic mounts drops no longer at 100% when the pre-patch starts or when Shadowlands launches? And will CE be available during the pre-patch?

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is an answer possible for this?

They’re removing the biggest prestige title associated with Visions so presumably they’re not doing any downscaling.

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I think finding people to queue for warfronts post bfa will be rare. Islands, It was mentioned returning bfa players would/could use them to level in SL a q&a.


How about u nerf some of the requirements for essences in older content for new and returning players.

Imagine having to go back and play 8.2 for a month, just to be relevant for 8.3


Blame Asmongold. Somehow he managed to convince the Blizzard dev team that “play the patch” was bad. Hopefully listening to Asmongold or Preach is a mistake Blizzard never makes again.


Stop removing content from the game! Why won’t you listen? We have been telling you this for years!


they can just level straight through without those

How can you possibly put this message out there and no give us a date blizzard?!


Boo - Do not remove corruption. You asked us to farm them blindly, then you gave us a currency to farm to target them. Do not now go back and tell us that every ounce of effort we afforded you this patch cycle is just ephemeral. Instead - lock corruption to ONLY the BFA specific content and zones.


Unless they change things during beta, It was mentioned that you will still need to group up for them (Nothing is changing basically)

So we’ll be able to just run visions with no corruption timer? I gotta get that backpack