UPDATED 10/9, Fix Incoming Confirmed - New Beta Tester: Experience Gains

Update 10/9: Looks like there is a 40% experience buff for Ardenweald and Revendreth hotfixed into the game. So this will solve the experience problems handily. Thank you everyone for your support and diligence in responding with your experiences as well so we could point this out.

Update 10/7: Well, gang, here is a promising update.

I hit level 60 just a few moments ago. I logged in today and ran around with Theotar. As of this writing I got Theotar to the elevator and then stopped at 4/7 in the Revendreth storyline to do some sidequests. I made friends with Laurent and Simone, then went to turn in a bauble I picked up from a treasure to the black market auction house.

That turn-in was roughly 12k and left me at 98%. One my way back to the flight master I saw a sidequest I had missed somehow (I wonder if some of these don’t appear until a day later?). I did it, which was Abel’s Fate, turned in and dinged.

Picture of level cap achievement here: https://a-hitchhikers-guide-to-azeroth.tumblr.com/ (also pictures of my Arthas statue that came because it’s hawt).

I feel like I gained half a level very quickly out of nowhere playing those few sidequests and not even a full chapter in the story today. I just barely got home from work and started what feels like not very long ago. I am wondering if they updated the leveling gains from quests with today’s build.

I started questing today at 58% progress into level 59, so for me to be playing for so little time and so little content compared to the vast swath I did yesterday… it felt faster somehow.

Yesterday I could swear I was getting 7.5k to 9k for every quest, but moreso the former. Today I was getting 10.5k and 12k for turn-ins.

I’m going to finish questing in Revendreth, but I can confirm as of today:

You can achieve level cap doing every quest, sidequest, filling the map, and each dungeon quest. I have quests left over to do as well, and so if you missed a small handful you should be fine. I did not use warmode or dungeon grind at any point. I killed no rare mobs whatsoever, and barely picked up any treasures.

This took me so much time to declare because I like to take my time, read the quests fully, absorb the narrative, and sightsee while I’m in a new experience.

I left tons and tons of feedback for the dev team along the way.

Overall, I hope today saw an increase in experience gains. It feels like something increased, but it could just be that I was on the homestretch that I capped out as well.

Update 10/6: Finished Ardenweald at level 58, 39.19% into my level. There are multitudes of scaling issues with experience gains and it sends an extremely confusing message to players. For instance, Tirna Scithe is a level 55 dungeon and goes green at level 58. But if you are level 55 when you acquire that quest, you are not on pace to hit level cap at the end of Revendreth. And at this point, going back and doing sidequests would be trivial and useless because they would be either green or grey quests at this point. And Tirna Scithe only drops level 60 loot, as do the other dungeons I’ve been in so far. This is an absolute mess. I can officially confirm:

Leveling is in extreme jeopardy in Shadowlands-specific content

People need to be loud and adamant about this getting fixed ASAP. All my questing is with almost no rested experience, no warmode, no dungeon spam. I will continue through Revendreth and leave my feedback when I finish. Oh, and here are some images that include the quest going green, a pretty picture of Tirna Scithe, and me landing in Revendreth. Tumblr because, again, I can’t post pictures: https://a-hitchhikers-guide-to-azeroth.tumblr.com/

Update 10/5: Made it to Ardenweald. 27% into level 56. My most recent post has more details, but the leveling experience feels hamstrung and far, far too slow when the amount of side content I did is added to the mix of things. If players don’t do these quests, they will be hurting themselves. I feel like I even did some extra stuff on top of the side stuff. Image of my level currently here: https://a-hitchhikers-guide-to-azeroth.tumblr.com/

Update 10/2: So I am experiencing my first green quest. I just hit level 53 in Bastion. This isn’t a normal thing, having played through a pretty solid experience in Legion and BFA. I hope this gets fixed. I can’t share images, but I posted it in my screenshot tumblr here: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/a-hitchhikers-guide-to-azeroth

Original Post: So I received beta last night, and I have decided to level my character as if the expansion had launched. I stopped at the very beginning of Bastion right in front of the lady sitting. I’m not even level 51 yet.

This feels… bad? Why is this so slow? I have been reading about how fast questing used to be through Shadowlands. Now, I am reading that there aren’t even enough quests to cap level.

Is this hyperbole or accurate?


Do you have warmode on? I made a fresh alliance character with WM +30% I finished Bastion at almost level 55. This is likely to be the most extreme advantage, but the pacing in general seems to be on track.

I would prefer not to level in a new expansion with warmode on. Warmode experience bonuses are designed as incentivization. My server, like yours, is wildly outnumbered by Horde. While I love pvp, I would prefer not to have my leveling experience hamstrung by roving bands of Horde griefing players trying to get to cap.

I suppose I’ll see where I end up at the end of Bastion.


You shouldn’t need 30% warmode to hit 60 that’s the point.


Exactly. Warmode is a BONUS, not a requirement.


I agree. I just slammed into a level wall. I don’t use warmode. I’m not interested in pvp. I am only doing the main story quests, as that is EXACTLY what I would do on live. I have completed a few area quests as I run into them. I am 6/8 in Ardenweald and 4 bars short of 56… That is a huge problem. Introducing MSQ into WoW tells a casual player that this is the story and everything else is a side quest and optional. That’s the way it is in other MMOs. The MSQ all by itself with no other inputs should get a character to level cap without ever hitting a point where you can’t advance the story. Ardenweald also has a few issues with quests not showing up on the map or displaying the diamond pointing where to go. Also has the MSQ indicator for quests turn on and off from the original Exclamation Point. I reported those things as I ran into them using the bug tracker. The XP issue has to be solved or it will turn players away.


From what I understand the leveling experience was great until recently when it was increased substantially. This seems like a change that needs to be reverted. I’ve never heard of running out of content since Vanilla. This is bonkers.


As an update, now that I have been grinding for awhile and hit lvl 56, the next MSQ is available.

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Make sure to do every quest you can see along the way. Every single one.

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But if you do this, be aware that quests will go green and give reduced XP, especially towards the end of the zones.

For example, at level 52, I picked up the Bastion side quest WANTED: Gorgebeak. It offered 10,450 XP.

When I turned it in at level 53, I only got 8350 XP because I’d outleveled it.

I noticed the same XP reduction in story quests.


The xp rates are horrible right now. I just finished the campaign up to the part where you have to be 60 to continue and I’m not even 59 yet. This is with doing about half of the side quests and 4 dungeons.


In Legion and BFA I recall hitting max level before finishing the last zone of either expansion. It felt good.

Right I am over half way to 53 in Bastion. I am doing every quest I find. I imagine I will leave Bastion half way through 53. Given there are only 4 leveling zones and U gained almost one level from the intro experience l… that means each zone, if equivalent, is slightly under 2.5 levels. That feels far too tight to me. I will keep leveling, but if this was live I’d be pretty underwhelmed.

The content itself is quite good. I am enjoying Bastion.


That shouldn’t be happening… did they do away with quest scaling now?

If you’re leveling in the story quest system (mandatory your first time from 50-60, optional on alts afterwards) yes.

Brilliant plan. Really.

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Apparently this is the way to do it. I wasn’t doing side quests and got stuck at 58 in Ravendreth. I can’t continue the main story line until 60, so now I have to go back and do stuff I skipped. This will be good to keep in mind when SL goes live.

Apparently they want you to finish every single quest before hitting 60 the first time.


Hopefully it won’t go live like this, which is why it’s so important for us to report the hell out of it. It shouldn’t go live like this. Not if they want to retain players.


Just hit my first green quest in Bastion. I just dinged 53 in the garden where the Void was defeated. Continuing my leveling experience, but this isn’t cool. I posted a screenshot in my tumblr and linked it in the original post up top. But I’ll post it here too: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/a-hitchhikers-guide-to-azeroth

Updated: Entered Maldraxxus at 10% into level 54. No Warmode used whatsoever. I did every sidequest in addition to the dungeon quest. So that is roughly 1 level in the Maw/Oribos and 3 levels in Bastion.


Quests not scaling to your level seems a huge setback. That feature was a huge improvement in Legion and BfA.
Players won’t expect that and run into the issue I just ran into: I focused on the main campaign quest lines, and planned to go back to the side quests later to fill the gap between the final campaign quest and 60. I was 57.7 or so when I finished the pre-60 campaign. Surprise! At that point I already had to track “trivial quests” to even see the side quests I skipped in Bastion! And they give only a little exp (less exp than mining 1 mineral vein for a quest that takes 10 minutes to complete), and rewards befitting a level 51-52 character, not my level 57 character.


It’s such an odd choice, too. There’s no downside to it, it would solve the problem people are having with reaching 60, and since we’re required to do the MSQ in order to choose a covenant it’s not like anyone will reach cap and stop doing story quests before finishing all the zones. I don’t understand their reasoning with this, because it certainly isn’t “positive player experience”.


How is pacing on track if you’re required to use a 30% WM bonus you might not even be able to acquire? This really needs to be addressed.