(Update) Horde Guild Cooperation Discord

It’s time for another update for those that might be unaware of this still or new guilds transferred over from Arugal/Yojamba…

After a handful of mergers over the last month or so, we currently have 8 guilds involved in a co-op where we coordinate events and head hand-ins for world buffs, world boss kills and share information on dodgy players etc.

At present, the following guilds are in our cross guild Discord channels:

  • Steam Rollers
  • Vanguard
  • Kopitiam
  • Zodiac
  • Just Grazing
  • Rage
  • Heroes Never Die
  • Slayer

If you are a representative of your guild and you are interested in coordinating with the other Horde guilds, please let us know by contacting Exodium, Latte, Watt or Shankerz via in-game mail or whisper so we can provide you with a Discord invitation.

Yes! :+1:

We have noticed a change of leadership in several guilds recently. Any new GMs of guilds that are not already in this Discord should definitely get in contact with us.

This has been a massive benefit to all involved over the last few months.

I wonder why Relaxed isn’t on that list :thinking:

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because no trash allowed

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