Update: Fixed? Constant lag spikes (major spell delays)


I have been experiencing constant lag spikes. Tends to happen as often as every 1-3 min. It happens when I try to cast a spell. The spell takes like 1-5 seconds, than it casts it. I noticed it can happen while I see my group partner casting spells no prob. So, it’s not a real lag spike. I can move, I see the others move np, mobs too. I tried to remove all addons, restarted game and Pc. I play from east coast of Canada. My rig is solid, ISP is 120 Mbps. I will try and delete the cache folders and such.
Anyone else experiencing such spell delays? My ms fluctuates from 30ms up to 800ms at its worst and it can happen independent of being surrounded by many players or none.


I’ve noticed this a couple of times where my spell will be delayed for some reason, but yeah it doesn’t appear to be a real lag spike because the mob also won’t attack me during the “spike” either, which is what I would expect from a true lag spike.

I also play on the east coast (the U.S. east coast actually). My ping is usually 50ms-60ms.


It has been 2-3 days now that I haven’t experienced those lag spikes/spell delays. I haven’t changed anything, so I assume Blizz did something about it.