Update Druid Form Models

Hello everyone! So far I’m digging that the barbershop allows me to customize my druid forms, but I still feel that there are some things Blizz have not done yet. I want bring up certain 'default ’ druid race forms that have a serious need of an update.

Productive feedbacks and other suggestions are appreciated.

Moonkin (just needs to be different from actual owlbeasts; plus I recall that some in the wild (ex. Mooncrazed Owlbeast in Val’sharah) didn’t get the model update)
Night Elf: Has NE eyebrows
Worgen: Has their flight form’s toothy beak; change the yellow eye color to orange worgen eyes
Troll: their color palette should be akin to either the blue and yellow macaws or the military macaws; has a cockatoo feather mohawk to replace the antlers, and has tusks on sides of beak with white face paint like their bear form

Travel (update cheetah model) EDITED
NE: stag; Has with NE eyes and eyebrows
Worg: stag; takes appearance like the original Horde stag, but with dark grey fur, orange worg eyes and replace tribal ornaments with Gilnean garbs similar to the flight form
Taur: stag; similar to original Horde stag, but no fangs and has light/dark brown fur and garbs similar to HTaur travel form
Troll: Raptor like Zandalari Troll, but is red or green colored and has skull/cat form ornaments

Troll: update bat model to be like the Revendreth dredbat, while retaining its tusks and original colors/garbs; also has white face paint like their bear form

Treant (add more polygon count) & Incarnation: Tree of Life (should follow the same color/style as treant)
NE: original colored treant with purple leaves, and yellow eyes
Worg: Dark grey treant with orange leaves, and orange eyes
KulHu: pale treant with thorns and green shrubbery, and green eyes
Taur: dark brown treant with pine tree leaves, and blue eyes
Troll: original colored treant with palm tree leaves, and blue eyes
HTaur: same as Taur
ZTroll: same as Troll


they really are overdue to touch up some of the original forms (especially the original cat forms), and i’d even say some of the glyph forms.

I think Cheetah could use a new look - or at least an update…or maybe a quest to let us put armor on our travel forms (our dolphins/orcas/cheetahs’) much in the same way some of the artifact forms get.

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All of this please. I might go back to my original darkspear troll if we get those updates!

I’d love to see the models updated.
Heck, I’d just like to see my blazing wings toy not have the wings vertical clipping through my cat’s body… it works on so many forms but not my cat :cry:

I’d like to see updates too but I don’t agree with forcing females of a race to go with doe form. I’m fine if it’s an option you can toggle between, but at that point just leave the glyph. I personally much prefer stag form over doe.

Bring back hulk bear and a shadow lands re-skin as well as a diffrent tree…i would pay for just that. The other forms are okay for me.


Moonkin and the travel forms especially need updated, but being a feral main myself I would like to see more done with it. It would be really cool to me if all the druids had unique racial forms for their stuff similar to zandalari and kul tirans. Blizz could do so many cool things with them, but leave the old forms there in the barber in case people don’t like the new stuff.

They really should update these forms for the other races, the forms of the ZTrolls and Kultirans were very good. And there are already several models that Blizzard could use as a base. But knowing Blizzard, that shouldn’t happen anytime soon.

Meh, I personally use the original night elf cat form as it’s nostalgic for me and would hate to see it reworked. I never understood the big ordeal over more and more forms but I guess that’s just me

I want different travel form options. I hate the stag and the Og cheetah is getting boring

I always thought the arrakoa from wod would make great balance forms. They already come in 4 different colors (red, yellow/blue, black, and pale) that could be separated for the base 4 races and their offshoots like the lunar wing form.

As much as I would love to see all of this happen- its been over 15 years now that balance form has been shafted. If there was a time and place to give it more options it would of been Legion. And now with these ‘talks’ of having less staff/tight budgets- I highly doubt it will be going towards moonkin forms, unfortunately.

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I would really like it if they even just updated little tiny things.

Like if I /roar while shapeshifted, I want to roar as that animal. Nothing worst than using /roar as a bear and getting a dummy tauren or nelf roar emote.

Also, why aren’t my eyes closed when I sleep emote?


Also fishing in bear form using the animations from the bears in darkshore!

I want the original glyph of stars back. Or the gold glow from legion blessing of anshe would be cool too.