Upcomming Realm Connections

I play on a couple RP realms and we have 9 out of 23 RP realms that are not connected . I hope this is not just connecting some of these non connected ones. Some like the Scryers /Argent Dawn are near silence most of the time . I know we have the big 3 with ED , Moon Guard and Wymcrest which prob wont be connected but could the RP realms be all moved to 4 or 5 connected realms which i would not mind. What are some ppls thoughts on the RP realms and connections

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I seriously doubt they’re only looking at realms that haven’t been connected yet. They made a point of telling us they completed a “comprehensive study” of realm populations for “every realm in the world”. Realms that need it are likely to get connected, period.

Just keep in mind it’s over the course of a few months, not all at once.

IMO even the original realm connections weren’t heavyhanded enough. It’s like they were afraid to do too much. But most clusters were still relatively low pop even combined. Here’s hoping they don’t stop short again.

I agree, these likely won’t be connected. I’ve heard ED lost some steam on the RP side of things, but population-wise it’s definitely still “big 3”.

There are 23 RP realms.

Take out the “big 3” and it’s 20. Take out the remaining High Pop RP Servers and it’s 17.

How many Medium Pop (most RP realms are Medium) servers does it take to put together something as active as Wyrmrest, or Moonguard-Alliance?

Kinda hard to say how many connected realm clusters I think we need. Especially since we can’t even count total characters via something like Realmpop or try for something more accurate via Census addons anymore.

Final Note: I hope they prioritize the health of the game over matching time zones perfectly. I’m sorry but a 1-2 hour difference means NOTHING for a game played over the internet. People don’t all choose servers based on their IRL time zone, and even if they did, people play at all sorts of hours anyway.

If some servers timezones need to change for the sake of Connections, just do it. Make the connections happen.

Has Blizzard actually confirmed (recently) that there would be another round of mergers/connections?

I doubt ED, MG, or WA will be connected. They’re still pretty massive. The other RP realms probably are fair game.

Thank you.

About time they got to it.

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Can confirm, ED has little to no RP on it anymore.

Please no. I moved all of my horde alts to Argent Dawn because it matches my timezone and would rather not play on central or mountain time zones again. At least keep 1 of each time zone for rp realms.

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I want the RP realms left unconnected and silent as a graveyard at midnight for . . . . . . . . . . . . Reasons.


agreed. I hope it stays the way it is.


I’ve pretty much accepted that I’ll never get time lost protodrake or voidtalon, now that the RP realm I farm on will get connected.

You can’t mix RP realms with non RP realms

People complain about quiet realms then complain about toxicity, what do you think happens when you smash thousands of people together? If it happens in real life it’s going to happen in wow as well, you can’t have an ideal world anywhere humans are allowed to do as they choose.

Also, as I mentioned in another thread that Blizz has since closed :unamused:

I can also throw in a link now you guys may find useful https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/wiki/discord#wiki_various_wow_discords Don’t seek interactions in game, find a discord community that is aligned with your interests and make friends in there.

Since this thread is about roleplaying here’s a link to the RP subsection of that reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/wiki/discord#wiki_roleplaying


I personally think they shouldn’t connection the RP realms at all. There is very little serious raiding on them anyway and it is doubtful if you combine them all that would change. They insist their community is important and nothing destroys community more than throwing 4 times more new people into the mix.


Rp realms are kind of like a safe space for me. Their quiet, peaceful and feel far away from the worlds problems for me. Which is why I have a few characters on one.


The funny thing about AD being East Coast time is when they merged with Scryers we were a West Coast time server.But since then server time has been East Coast

Uhhhh, no, ED has plenty of RP on it.

one month later
Oh hi, ahhh no it dosen’t.