Upcoming PTR for Chains of Domination

Translation: we’ll bring the PTR up on a Friday, but it’ll crash immediately and we won’t bother to notice or fix it until the following week.


You mean Ion and his guild’s testing will play a key role in “iterating” on this update. I can’t wait to check out PTR and find out that the usual suspects have been buffed even further instead of allowing the other classes to get fixes for their problems! While testing in PTR, maybe you can also “iterate” on why you can’t just buy 30 days of gametime anymore.


Hoping for anything new at this point… Haven’t really played for several weeks.


Hell yeah!


The flame in the replies already is juicy to me.


Looking for substantial class tuning and development.

Looking for better gearing. 29ilvl between honor and conquest gear is crazy. WoD style pvp gear scaling.


Mid-late april was about what I was expecting. Would probably lead to a July 9.1, which I was also expecting.

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I know this patch isn’t intended to do anything to Exile’s Reach, but I would love to see the Expeditionary Boots finally make an appearance.


Welcome news indeed.

Why dont you pay us for testing then? Or should we just stop paying you if you are going to be so cheap in expecting us to do the job for free?


Haven’t heard such a lie since “THIS PLANET WILL EXPLODE IN FIVE MINUTES!”

Though for once i’d love to be proven wrong.


“Remembers SL beta”

So that was a lie.


Boy, can’t wait to see demon hunters get their 15% magic damage reduction back the second the PTR comes up. :roll_eyes:


There’s no way this can be ready this fast, at least not in any sort of completed state.


The only things I’m looking forward to are an appearance from the Nathrezim and the Sylvanas raid. I wanted more customization or at least to know what happened to both the Horde loyal Dark Rangers and Sylvanas loyal dark rangers, but I think those are unrealistic expectations considering what Ion said.

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A deaf cheerleader squad that is in comatose has a higher chance to listen to feedback vocally than blizzard has to any feedback.


With their track record of telling outright lies, surely they do not expect the player base to believe anything they say. Its time for them to show us.

Of course, they could prove everyone who is doubting them wrong, by releasing a patch that truly fixes ALL the things that have been complained about, in detail, since the SL launch and add some fun content. We shall see.


I better see some proper m+ affix changes (including the removal or tyrannical). This expansion has been the absolute worst for m+. Your affix system is screwed, bosses are more annoying than ever completely breaking tyrannical and mages/boomkins still haven’t been nerfed. Please also stop with the damn tornadoes. You didn’t need an affix around the worst part of BFA.


The PTRs are never brought up in a “completed state.” They’ll have probably the new Maw subzone available for 2-3 weeks, then a couple of raid testing days per week, the megadungeon probably opens a month later, etc.

I’m excited to see Chains on the PTR. Mostly, I’m looking forward to the class changes and systems changes, if any. Shadowlands so far has felt like an expansion that has about 90% of it being awesome and with the last 10% or so holding it back. It’s understandable, though, given that COVID has undoubtedly made it much harder for Blizzard to introduce any sort of updates outside of aura tuning to specs. If I had a bold wishlist for 9.1, I’d say:

  1. Address the target capping for specs. Either everyone is capped in some form or no one is, imo (perhaps outlaw and fury still 5 since they were in bfa). Even if the Necrotic Wake weapon fix was implemented where no additional damage was dealt past 8 targets, and damage spread across all targets would be better than a hard and fast 5 target limit.
  2. I think it’s time for Fortified and Tyrannical to go. Even with the Tyrannical nerfs, it doesn’t introduce fun or exciting gameplay to be one-hit by the dogs in Halls of Atonement one week or Echelon’s jump the next. Maybe something more creative for an add-focused week and boss-focused week? Perhaps recycle one of the more popular seasonal affixes (Reaping or something like it replaces Fortified) and maybe something inspired by the current raid to replace Tyrannical? Like Denathrius/Ultimate Boss/Any Raid Boss for the tier suddenly appears at the start of a boss fight and introduces new mechanics to the boss fight, i.e. Massacre or a member gets Sinseeker’d or something appropriate for the fight that doesn’t make it impossibly difficult (Massacre during Echelon’s jump would be silly).
  3. Covenant ability redesign / rebalance. Even something as simple as taking Blessing of Seasons off of the GCD or making its conduit like “5% crit during a Season” would be a big buff to the numbers and make the ability feel much better to use without taking up too much developer time or giving it too much actual power.

Looking forward to what the devs have for us.