Upcoming Healing Revamps

I use PI when questing and doing Dailys all the time. I’m a savage so I quest as Holy with a “dps” build. I use PI a bunch to burn down mobs.

Don’t ask me to play shadow, or disc I just can’t do it. I try and I always die.


I’ve enjoyed Disc through all its twists and turns and find it to be rewarding still. There is a difference between a design that is complex and rewarding, and a design that is complicated just for complication’s sake. Finding out where to draw the line, IMO, is where the productive discussion is. I think the 10.2 changes both help and hurt…they necessarily cut down on the complication, but unnecesarilly also cut down on the complex-but-rewarding.

For example, in DF so far, I have liked Twilight Equilibrium. It adds complexity, but it is rewarding. I also like Power Word: Solace. It added another spell, but it helped fill in the gaps for spells to use on the move and it helps build Harsh Discipline charges. It adds complexity, but it’s also rewarding. Machine gun Penance is awesome. I wish we could have kept the old Harsh Discipline. I also would have liked to have kept two charges of Mind Blast so we could reliably use TE.

The damage rotation is too complicated, though. Adding SCov to Schism during a Light’s Wrath rotation is an example of complication for complication’s sake. It’s just a modifier stacked on top of a modifier. Ditto with refreshing Purge the Wicked before the 2nd Mind Blast to maximize Expiation.


I don’t do a lot of questing these days but I usually stay as holy too. Dps isn’t awful and I don’t find myself sighing at how long it is taking to fight mobs.

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Agreed. Yesterday i did some keys and played without TE, and i tried talents im more likely to go in 10.2 barring the new ones obviously.

It felt weird. It felt easy but i did feel lacked.

And if your ilvl is high enough, you can mow down giant packs of mobs with holy nova and divine star. It’s pretty fun.

Right? My ilvl on my priest is 443 now I think. Holy nova is one of my favorite buttons to push!

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I like the atonement styoe healing, the big problem is spreading the atonement.

But lets get to the first point firat, why does Disc have to talent into the degining abikity of the spec?

You read the soec seoectiin page, cool I get to heal via DPS, then you go to talent selectiin, oh, I got to waste a whole talent point learning something I shoukd already know ajd I cant even skip it.

The whole spec is artificially suppressed. Suoressrd via poibtless talent points and atonement is further GCD capped. Capped around healing a raid. Where you burst out on thw scene with rapture and use every GCD for the next 8 secobds to spread shields. Pretend that actually spead enough atonement out for a significant cooldown. Then use anoyher spell to extend those atonements out by an insignificant amount of time. Because when you finish dpreading it enough, you got basicly one or two casts of something(wrath) that consumes the whole 2 seconds before you got to go back to spreading for the jext AOE damage.

Its silly. Take renew of the GCD, pointless to have it there when it doesnt do any significant amount of work. Atonement duration should scale with group size up to a cap.

Plenty of tweaks. Needing another spell to make another spell last a few seconds longer is a crutch, and borderline patch work fix at best.

Does the same work, but saves on some GCD. We didnt need GCD releif on the DPS front, we need GCD releif on atonement spread.