Upcoming Changes to the Ashran, Isle of Conquest, and Wintergrasp Epic Battlegrounds

Better let alliance mage to have that BS as well so that horde will have a taste of unfairness


Wait what?
I did not know that lol.

They’ve finally recognized the obvious problem here but a solution has to wait exactly why? These changes can’t be pushed through prior to the patch?

Lol good point. They literally have the changes spelled out, and its not like they are testing these… they could just instantly implement and spend this time tweaking further. The BGs are so awful, especially WG, that it can’t possibly get worse. Just send it blizz!

Star Root Tubers and Song Flowers, are pointless. If both teams use them… The playing field is even.

NEW UPDATE! Jeron’s knockback has been removed and demolisher bug fixed (no word on siege turrets yet).


It’s a start. We’ll see where it takes us.

Maybe take a chance to look at seething shore and make doing damage from the ship disabled. Getting tired of getting nuked by hunters and mages sitting up there out of range with their broken mastery/pvp talents…

Incapable of pushing the WG fix through now so Blizz will troll their customers by making certain it comes up more than any other epic. GG Blizz

So following the latest patch notes, just sharing again what I think needs a second look at –


  • Give Rylai an Ocean Fury to replace her Ice Shard (now useless as damage modifiers can’t increase % health attacks) with same rule set as Jeron’s lava fury


  • Towers need more health to allow for more back-and-forth (60%-100% increase). Towers still up mean players have a chance to defend them, and for offense to try to break through the keep.
  • Catapults are still too powerful: suggestion is to reduce the effectiveness of Flame Breath to 4% max health (down from 8%).

Isle of Conquest

  • Increase damage of commanders by 50% to go alongside their health buff, and make them immune to pet taunts.

Alterac Valley

  • Please don’t forget AV. All the NPCs need a health and damage increase; players are now going in with 2 towers again due to gear (post-hotfix people were still going up with one even though we were still quite early in the expansion)

Easy fix is to use the AV zone aura to increase health and damage by x% - my suggestion is 100% (taken down from previous value of 200%, though I still think that would make AV actually epic again) - this would give graveyard guards est. 76k HP, captains 7m HP, generals 7.8m, Ivus and Lok 2m hp, etc. etc. - https://www.wowhead.com/spell=247743/alterac-valley-mob-scaling-aura

  • War Marshals and War Masters need their health to be increased outside of the above suggestion too, as players have started just killing them as they have so few hitpoints. Or their aura should be increased to 125% per stack.



Have a hankie to sop up those tears.

Something I’ve noticed playing both sides in Isle of Conquest is an unfairness with Demolishers/Seige Engines in favor of the Horde.

The Horde can position tanks where they can melee the gates with tanks and not be hit by cannons. Alliance cannot do this to Horde gates. If they get close enough to melee in any position, the tower cannons can hit them.

True, but the Alliance can hit the Hangar flag from their gunship, while the Horde cannot.
Different sides have different advantages.

Not only that, Alliance always gets to the hangar a good 4-5 seconds before the first Horde player gets up the hill.

This isn’t that big of a deal, but depending on how smart/clever the Alliance players are, they can lay down a lot of CC/stuns/slows/roots during those short 4-5 seconds.

A well-placed ROP or Vortex from a Druid and the Alliance starts the hangar teamfight with a noticeable advantage. Not necessarily a game-breaking thing, but the terrain advantage is there (…for the few Alliance players smart enough to abuse it).

You know I don’t mind every thing else that is getting nerfed and buffed. This is pretty much a god send. Thank you for listening to us.

Soooooo unnecessary changes then? Never played a Wintergrasp either attacking or defending that was a loss until the PvP tourists started queueing in Shadowlands. Offense was so easy as long as someone that knew the strats was in group and spoke up.
You want to win any Wintergrasp Offense? 1 key strat, everyone stay as a big group at the start and report anyone on your map running towards the opposing team to feed them kills as AFK. They are either bots or just stupid and deserve it because they are not helping the group.
If you choose to first fight at SR then push into the opposite team and fight on the flag and then run into the garage and hit people building so they can’t leech rank and build catas as soon as 5 people on your team die. Easy wipe of Defending team every time.
Use common sense, if enemy has 5-8 healers and you have 2-3 don’t fight at SR, Go BT and kill their feeders, good job now the whole team has rank and defenders do not. Start the death train.
Always have at least 4 catas up clearing defender personnel an vehicles, even priests can’t outheal 2-4 catas nuking them.
Get gunners inside the siege engines.
Get into the demos as a passenger. You can use RPGs and cast spells as a passenger while taking no damage until the demo is destroyed.
Wintergrasp didn’t need changes, the tourists just needed to learn how to play so that they aren’t dragging down the PvPers.
5-10 people that know what to do are not gonna win the game for the rest of the people that don’t know what to do.
As for Isle of Conquest…the only change you need there is to put it in the trash and replace it with Strand of the Ancients. Seriously, that place was baller.

Wintergrasp sounds great, but as mainly a melee player. I absolutely hate Ashran. This BG just isn’t fun. I really don’t see how these changes are going to make this BG desirable. Its still going to end by everyone fighting in the road. I understand many players do like this BG. But many of us want to be able to exclude certain BGs. Please bring this option back. Or please explain how this would have a negative impact in game.

This is the best change that was needed, even in a losing game.

Should be changed to -10 minutes per tower to be honest.

Most people don’t like the bg and Wintergrasp is already too long as it is. Pugs can stomach a 15 minute loss better than a 21 minute loss.

Yeah melee is horrible in Ashran. On the other hand, range love the place. My fav bg right now might be party synch Ashran.