Upcoming Changes to the Ashran, Isle of Conquest, and Wintergrasp Epic Battlegrounds

That’s nice they’re looking into making epic battlegrounds less of a drag and more competitive.

They must have had the data of half the offence team insta drop if they got Winterspring…good times :sunglasses:


How about this? If said battleground is held by one side for more than two battles then it automatically reverts to the other side?
Example: Alliance holds Wintergrasp for two battles. The next battle is a bye for the Horde and the next battle after that would be up for grabs.

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Ashran will still be a rush mid type of BG. I wish you brought part of its original playstyle back. I mean the events which happened every certain time. You could take them, make it so they happen 2 or 3 at the same time. Losing side gets Base guards sustain a stacking debuff and make Commander death the win condition. Or idk, whatever it takes to use the rest of the map.


This doesn’t solve anything in terms of Offense for WG. The vehicles themselves are like paper machete, they need a health boost or siege damage increase to fortress walls, or the same thing is gonna happen even if an outer wall is broken. Most vehicles fall apart before even getting inside the fortress.


Maybe we’re all in a simulation. :robot:

I’m doing pretty well! Thank you for asking. ^^ How are you?
My favorite color is lavender and I’d definitely pick :waffle: over :pancakes:. Better texture to me.


Also make the Lord/Lady of War title account wide. Please and thank you.

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I don’t see the benefit of increasing the player count in a game mode that your servers already can’t handle


But they’re incredibly squishy, I’ve seen a group of 3-4 players destroy all three of them (they died but they got the job done).

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You’re alive! I am so happy! :grin: :grin: :grin:


good changes all around though you might have tipped the scales in offense favour abit too much with controlling both workshops and reducing wall hp by 20% but i guess we can see what comes of this.

The servers could handle it just fine during wod times. I think I read or watched something somewhere that said something about all the borrowed power and systems like azerite procs and corruptions causing the servers to completely melt.

Does anyone remember corruptions?

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The WG changes do not address the fundamental reason that the defenders have an advantage. To demonstrate it lets take an average result where both sides control 2 of the 4 bases (which after 10 minutes of fighting seems reasonable). This SHOULD suggest an even fight but what it actually means is that the defense has 16 vehicles to your 8. Combine that with the fact that your team HAS to be overloaded on one side because you have to focus one wall and you have a situation where the defense is just going to be better off.


Great changes to WG/Ashran

Horrendous changes to IoC. Hangar is nowhere near as impactful as docks and you buffed Glaive throwers hp by 40% lol


What be the rationale in removing Rylai’s mass poly but still permitting Emberfall to send all-comers flying?


thats exactly what a robot would say

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Man can you just rework the epic BGs so they are PvP matches and not just running simulators?

Ashran feels like the only epic bg that has PvP involved

IOC is one fight then running around

Most my AVs end up with out big fights


Isn’t that a buff to the defense?

Yes but a good one. Losing as attack takes a long, long time. This way we can be put out of our misery faster.

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Those are some lame changes. So now you can sit on your lazy bum and get rank for doing NOTHING? No, just no.

IS THIS FOR REAL!? All Alliance needs to do for an easy win is rush Docks and let Glaives murder the Horde gate, nothing else even comes close to the GT level of damage. It is the only strategy I have seen them use all expansion. This is a terrible change. Glaive Throwers are already overpowered. The entire Alliance team goes docks, then they all escort to the Horde West wall, and smash the gate to pieces while being out of range of tower cannons. If they are going to have their HP increased, they need to have their range lowered.

If something like this is going to go through, let us Blacklist BGs again because Isle of Conquest is already one sided garbage. This is going to all but eliminate the ability of the Horde to win unless we can completely disrupt the initial dock rush / glaive spawn.

The WG changes are not going to do much, the guaranteed 8 vehicles to defense are a bigger issue.

I’d recommend that either the castle workshops only give 3 vehicles each, or that the southern workshops can’t be captured by the defense. This way each team has guaranteed vehicles and the middle row are the ones being fought over.