Upcoming change to Unbound Chaos

This changes Immolation Aura from providing a window for multiple Fel Rush Unbound Chaos procs to one per. Simplifies it, but probably reduces the value of the talent. :-/

The upshot of this talent is that it doesn’t come at any cost to havoc’s resource economy. I guess we’ll see though how it balances out. I am not on principle opposed to trading mobility for damage in using Fel Rush this way.

This actually was a bummer to read. Maybe it’s going to hit really hard where if it was multiple fel rush’s it would be to op.

I can’t see how this talent is worth anything with 1 fel rush.

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To me the talent should be a “moment of glory” to using immolation aura. It should transform it into a button you press for mild damage and resource regen into a “fist pump”… think the illidan fight when he jumps up in the air and crashing down (like how meta transform works).

What the talent SHOULD be is "immolation aura now summons a flame of azzinoth/chaos elemental (call it whatever) to fight for you.


While your immolation aura is active fel rush has no cooldown (so you can zip back and fourth for some real changes to gameplay back and fourth creates synergy with momentum/fel mastery) allows for imolation aura to be an AE burst type ability and changes our gameplay up.


Activating Immolation causes your attacks to also cast fel blade… Can you imagine the lockdown potential in PVP, every glaive toss BOOM you are on your target, pre pull imo aura glaive toss BOOM back on boss.
Fits the tool kit/theme of the class well imo.

I’d much rather remove Fell Rush from the equation completely and just have the Inner Demon pop on hitting Aura. Sure it may mean holding off IA until the right moment but I’d still take it. I hated Momentum builds, they are awful in enough high end content Blizzard should stop pushing it.

If Momentum becomes the favored build you can expect DH’s to get a stigma associated with being the idiot class that’s going to pull everything in the dungeon, rightly or wrongly, unless Blizzard really increases the distance between packs.

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Unbound chaos was really good before the nerf. Havoc is really strong.

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/mr7BC3tFwQGfAcjz/#type=damage-done&fight=20

Btw spiritbomb and fracture is ~100% stronger than shear/FtD. Kinda yikes. Vengeance is in a rough spot with active mitigation compared to paladin/warrior/brew


This sounds awsome! , some flavour to the dh rotation is very welcomed.

Wow good to see!! Logs and DH in alpha seem so rare to see. Good to see that as of now dps is looking good!

How does unbound chaos feel now with the change?? Was the damage buffed due to only one fel rush per immo aura?

Dps havoc feel smooth atm or super clunky?

To quote my analysis from another thread:

Basically, this is a good change from basically any perspective. The prior implementation required you to pool 2 Fel Rush charges beforehand, Immo Aura, and then Fel Rush just less than every 6s to maximize Momentum uptime and get in all 3 charges during the 12 duration. It also made the talent wildly stronger than the other ones on that tier (adding ~450% AP per 30s, or 900% per minute, compared to the ~300% added by the other two).

With this change, it’s actually remarkably balanced against the other two, and gives us a solid set of choices on that tier. We have constant passive damage, controllable burst, or even more powerful burst on a longer CD and with more rotational disruption.

Yes, it’s still leaning into using Fel Rush for damage, but using it twice per minute isn’t actually that significant of a cost. It still leaves 2/3rds of our Fel Rush charges alone (unless we run Momentum, of course).

It synergizes reasonably well with Momentum, though it’d still requiring pooling and clipping a bit to ensure the Unbound Chaos hit occurs within the prior Momentum window (unless the delay in its damage allows it to benefit from the Momentum caused by its own triggering Fel Rush, which would be amazing).

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