Upcoming Adjustments to Retribution Paladins

i can name one. this is what retribution paladins were from 3.2.2 and on. you act like you guys were nerfed the entire expansion every patch cycle you received nerfs. i counted talent changes. and a few spell changes. but nothing that impacted your dps the way you guys think it did. the only point of contention is i’ve read is that the changes you guys received in 3.2 with losing seal of martyr for the alliance (the damned faction that started out with paladin’s yet some how still received the crappier seal for paladins) and seal of blood for horde. when the retribution paladins talked about their seal change back in 3.2 and they did theory crafting it came out to be maybe a 15% dps decrease for the SEAL damage alone. and even today. it is also theorized that SoV may have been a DPS increase. we shall never know truly. but this is literally your only huge nerf through the entire expansion. you guys literally had no changes to your dps abilities or talents through out the mythical 3.3.0 patches. thats 3.3.0, 3.3.2, 3.3.3 and 3.3.5. i remember always hearing you guys are getting nerfed in everyone one of these patches. but the patch notes don’t show it. so spare me that there is no reason. well there is. this is what you looked like in 3.2 and this what you looked in 3.3. this is your designed spec. anything else was is subjective opinion.

this is where they should have ended it and told ret to shut up and move on and that they won’t be receiving any buffs.

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no wonder you guys are being sued again. you think the ramp up time on their seals dont matter in pvp and they’re out here spamming HoR on people lmfao. i think the combined IQ of blizzard is about on par with a stale bread stick.

Dont insult stale bread sticks.

Wrap them in a damp towel and microwave them and they are good to go.

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Its ok, just keep cherry picking what you quote and ignore when they mentioned classes during the dk nerf.

Ok link the notes you are talking about. Prove me wrong. here I will post the patchnotes also. Please show me what you are refering. Also why not post on your classic main?


“We want to make it clear that we are not planning any further adjustments to any other classes for patch 3.4.1. We feel the class representation in raids is in a fairly good place right now across all classes, and we have no plans or desire for any further tuning adjustments.”

So, i ask again.

ideally you should have never even seen these buffs. they are now wreaking havoc in pvp. but i mean thats just an intended consequence of knee jerk buffs. you guys were perfectly fine for what you were adjusted into in 3.2.2. you guys weren’t as scuffed as you were making it out to be.

lol read last sentence. also your post is Jan 5th the patch notes is Jan 17th but yeah

just stop, my dmg has hardly changed. Hand of reckoning does not work in pvp so that change is useless. my blood of corruption stacks a few seconds faster but other than that thats all. My burst is also the exact same prior to change.

So now that i proved you wrong you want to attack my forum avatar. Lol. You are a clown.

I use this character for the forums because it never name change or realm change (which wipes your post history and notifications).

And who i post on the forums with has 0 impact on my argument.

then why are people complaining about it then? i doubt people would be complaining if there was no dps increase in pvp. you stop. you guys got ill gotten gains for something that was your cap all along.

You didn’t prove me wrong kid. Your post was Jan 5th with the final 2 sentences:
"An adjustment like this one is for the sole purpose of preventing a specific class from becoming dramatically over or under-represented. We stated before that we will use the patch 3.3.5 class balance, with as few adjustments as possible, and we intend to stick to that.

Then on Jan 17th came the offical patch notes

Your damage did change. It got a buff even in pvp. Sure it wasnt huge, but it is there. And hor does work in pvp, makes killing pets a lot easier. Want to know how to make a bm hunter useless? Kill the pet. You just cut the hunters damage output by about 50%, all while running up to the hunter, and the pets have considerably lower survivability so they are easy to kill.

funny but true story. this is what you guys were in 3.3.5 pre wrath plus buffs. you just hate that this is you. you’re malding at how terrible your spec scales. yes it scales like dog crap.

Oh so you don’t know for yourself, you’re just going by what others are saying. Yet I look at my dps logs and not much has changed.

I just tested hor in pvp and it does not work



What was paladin representation like? Almost 5 times that of warriors.

Paladins were not underrepresented. This was a knee jerk buff. So i ask again.

Bm buffs when?

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My main is prot and it scales great. Best tanks in wrath are pallys so I am having a blast

This is a complete and utter lie. HoR is making up anywhere between 8 and 13% of ret paladin damage. Maybe you didn’t macro it to every other ability you were casting already?