Unprunning was a bad idea

I don’t think putting on a shield as a Fury Warrior is going to help you stay alive longer. Might as well keep your weapons equipped so you can kill the boss faster.


Okay then you’re just a useless mindless dps then. Don’t put it on your bars and stop complaining about something because you personally won’t use it


ret was dead to me once they removed long arm of the law.


I’m not the only one who isn’t going to use it. I’m more annoyed at the glowy spell in my spell book like Glide on a DH. I always put glide on my bar even though I don’t need to just to make it go away.

You know how much armor a shield gives you right? Plus you can still block. There’s a reason why PVPers use it and use it effectively


You kidding, right?

I’ve played a bit of Classic, and one of the things you learn fairly quickly in that game is that not every spell/ability needs to learned, not to mention used. You make use of what is best for your playstyle and how you enjoy the class. You don’t have to hit every button every time. YOU pick what to do - it’s about choice, and it’s a damned fine thing to have in the game.

And Hunter’s Mark went first on my action bar in the PTR because being able to give my new character a free, instant boost to dps is gold.


Okay then put it on an action bar and then hide that action bar. It’s not hard to work around. You’re just complaining for the sake of complaining

i think the op has a point, some of the spells coming back feel like a burden. hunter’s mark, while flavorful if you can even call it that, just doesnt feel that fun to press on the beta. it’s just another gcd i have to press before i can do damage. and it’s not even a rewardining one like a major cooldown.


Demon Hunters were a bad idea, No one likes 4 button rotations.


Im looking foward to SL, it because of these changes im playing my lock again. Ive been on beta and ptr and loving it.

Well no, it’s an example to show how useless it is to me. I’m not going to waste time hunting shield upgrades for the snowball’s chance in hell I have to use it. It’s just bad game design, because me a dps warrior isn’t going to have the gear to survive till the Tank gets back just because I put on a shield.


Indeed some cases are just a joke…

the most common is ret paladins using shield of the righteous… as if they ever would do that I had someone the other day telling me that they would use corruption as destro only to justify and glorify this terrible unpruning.

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You clearly never played back in the day then. There were so many wipes saved by a warrior throwing on a shield or druid going bear form to hold out. Again just because it’s something you don’t want to do doesn’t make it bad game design. It’s just something you don’t want to do and that’s your choice


I have and I died. I used to stance dance on my Warrior all the time back in the day. It saves you 10 seconds until you drop. I’m not geared the same as a Tank. I’m not geared to survive. I’m gear to do damage. I’m going to die without the Tank. Especially now with how high damage is.

situational situation as counter argument?

give me a break… just don’t try to justify garbage.


the corruption one is weird, im not sure if there is ever a niche situation where you would use that.

im assuming a lot of people defending the unpruning havent actually thought much about it. much of the unpruned spells are just not as fun to press with the gcd, or they’re completely worthless in most scenarios.


Yeah things have changed a lot since then. In Wrath I could change stances on the fly to be a tank. Now, you have to get out of combat to do that. Only Druids really kept that ability and they can only do it effectively (some what) if they spec into Guardian Affinity.


Except all the people playing demon hunters.


it’s been YEARS since destro stop using corruption… it’s just doesnt make any sense… maybe they are excited but they havent seen things like they unpruned things but also removed things such as blessings for ret paladins for example.

Ever think maybe you’re just bad? There isn’t that big of a gearing difference anymore between tanks and dps. Yes tanks have certain modifiers to help them but the gear is essentially the same. Again just because you don’t want to do something doesn’t make it bad.

Yes again as others have said these are niche abilities that add flavor to the class. They do help in those situations and thats the point. Just because every single ability you have isn’t used 100% in your rotation doesnt make them useless. You just can open your brain up to anything more then I press bottons and do damage

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