Unprunning was a bad idea

Guess what Destro has to manage Havoc on trash pulls which has a short duration on multi-target pulls like trash. I’m sure you’re going to live with putting up a long-lasting mark on priority targets and any good hunter isn’t going to be single targeting and marking trash packs in dungeons unless there’s some kind of situational thing to justify doing that.

All the people who played this game and complained about wanting it to play like an RPG have dwindled over the years that this kind of thing has been going on. I barely play, a lot of people I know either don’t play at all anymore and haven’t for years or play to raid with a close-knit group of old friends. Now, we have a crowd playing that doesn’t want these abilities back because it’s more RPG and micro-managing and isn’t the game they signed up for - which fair enough. I really want to see a lot of stuff come back, they may simply have waited way too long to even begin to do this.

Plus, you can see the shift in thinking even back in Cata where people whined about Resto Shamans having to refresh water shield or Pally’s having to take 1.5 seconds to swap Auras or whatnot. People simply could not be bothered then and it became the more prevalent mindset over the years - just gogogogo with classes pruned more and more to just pick and play, losing all their defining features and often utility in the process. Fantasy was sacrificed for convenience.

And it doesn’t help that some of the stuff is really good while other stuff is head-scratching bad. Ret with SotR? Why? Back in the day, if a Ret needed to tank they turned on Righteous Fury and used CDs. Pre-Cata it was really situational as raid bosses had crushing blows which tanks helped to mitigate with Stam and capped defense. But it still gave time on one tank bosses or bosses close to death with both tanks dead to allow a b-rez if up to go out without the boss snacking on cloth wearers. Later on, it was easier for a Ret to off-tank for a hot minute. For a Ret to need to equip a shield and one-hander to take over is just weird to me.

These types of changes have a lot of people confused on top of people not wanting more things to push because that’s not their play style.

y u key bind , anser is no click instead then boom no 30 key bind ; solushin

IDK about other classes but I think maybe 1 unpruned ability will be getting a keybind on my mage. Every last ability in my spellbook doesn’t need a bind, only rotation and twitch reaction stuff (e.g. counterspell). Some will say it’s heresy but it’s fine for niche abilities to be clicked.

Cool, more things to click on, thanks for bumping this thread.

People were complaining when they pruned everything and now people are complaining they are unpruning too much? Only in general discussion, always fun to read though.

Guess who doesn’t use Havoc :rofl: I forget it exists at times.

No I won’t, I really just won’t use it and not care.

I think its interesting that they unprune.

You aren’t just a holy paladin, you are a paladin.

But now you are a Venthyr Paladin… so I guess we got unpruned to be pigeon-holed again in some other way.

Well every player isn’t the same for one, we aren’t a hivemind and neither is Blizzard, but just unpruning abilities doesn’t mean you’re unpruning things everyone will enjoy :rofl:

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Keep playing DH. Think you’ll be alright…

Because they can put out high levels of damage with low levels of skill? That’s one of the main reasons they’re liked.

Unpruning was a good idea. The problem is, they didn’t execute it very well. Ok, so you gave us some old priest spells. That don’t interact with Shadow, Holy or Discipline at all.

Kinda pointless if they are just “there”. They should have thought about how to return these old abilities and let them interact with our specs.

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Pruning is not necessarily bad. People weren’t just speaking up about abilities being removed, but rather how the loss of these abilities went hand is hand with the class being neutered.

Before they had to make Colossus Smash such a huge part of Arms rotation, the spec worked and it worked quite well.

Many specs were ruined, because along with the pruning came changes in how the classes functioned.

So it wasn’t JUST the pruning they spoke out against, but rather the change in playstyle that many felt wasn’t actually a better playstyle for their given class or spec.


More like good idea :sunglasses:, bad implementation :-1:

Yeah, a skill Blizzard is quite skilled at. Creating the most awesome ideas, and then somehow between concept and execution royally mucked things up.


Probably because its broken and a cat could play it. With its head.

Curses are not going to be a consistent part of their rotation likely. Maybe in very high keys but they won’t be too useful aside from singular highly powerful enemies that will likely be immune to them, they aren’t meant to be rotational and its fine to have niche abilities.

No arguments here, this should not have been unpruned.

Yeah thank god I don’t play warlock.

Pruning isn’t bad by itself no, FF14 managed to prune perfectly and retain interesting and fun rotations. Blizzard on the other hand destroyed just about every class and spec possible in legion to bfa. I just want my class back.

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Trolololol, you are a DH, you have like 8 things to deal with, half of them are a CD. Try playing ANY other class and you will see we already have 30 things to deal with.

Some unprunning was great.

Some unprunning was terrible.

Curses are amazing; they are incredibly strong and feel impactful. Not using them wont greatly destroy your input, but using them well can make fights just so much more manageable.

Hunter’s mark is TERRIBLE. It is just awful. Pure upkeep with no interesting gameplay choice or interaction.

Not entirely true. Unless I’m reading the tooltip incorrectly, it’s still going to have the ability to see stealthed targets. Which is really useful in PvP.

You know why DH is a popular class?

Because it’s new still, and most importantly because it’s OP (the two aren’t unrelated) and does big massive explosions which people like more than anything in 2020.

Actually, people do like having more buttons, and nothing like all of them are things like Hunter’s Mark. It is more varied to have more than brainless rotation damage spam for ten minutes.

It has pvp uses. Equipping a shield to spell reflect, intervene to an ally, and more will show the difference between a bad warrior and a good warrior.

That’s the main thing about a lot of the unprune abilities. They have very niche pve uses but a lot of common pvp uses.

Funmy thing is people complain about the auras or hunters mark.

Abilities you set before combat. Stuff that doesn’t affect combat GCD usually.