<Unprotected Hex> 9/9M 2 CE Teams Mon/Wed/Thur 9pm-12am HA-Tues/Wed/Thur 10pm-130am EST

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Hi, I’m a holy paladin looking for a raid team. Currently 438 ilvl and 7/9 heroic in Abeerus.

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Hi there, interested.
Roles: Heal, Tank, Rdps

Classes: Maining Druid/monk, also fiddle w/ priest and lock. Really if I can find a group to play with regularly & push I will role w/e.

XP: more AOTC than not since 5.2 RBG 2200 Arena 2000, need to learn more M+ never KSM’d

TIME!!!: Seeking people who play around and AFTER 10pm CENTRAL time.

About me: Dad of a 3 year old, ex-edgelord, not much to say. I know my classes, roles and strats Especially in RBGs. RBG’s are my preferred endgame content, but I really enjoy raiding too. down to do some M+ and push some arena also.

Bnet: randyramone#1930