Unpopular opinion regarding The Burning Crusade


Pretty sure ogre Paladins are completely possible, dark iron dwarves are Paladins through Ragnaros

(Fel) #15

It’s strange that we have fat, playable Kul Tirans, yet no ogres yet. They or the Mok’nathal clan should be part of the Horde by now imo.

Though clearly a fan of blood elves too


Ogres mastered the arcane on draenei where dumb orcs had to use their elemental gods to save them from enslavement??

(Tovi) #17

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Rexxar has the same model as a KT.

plays X-File’s music


shrek is love shrek is life

(Zoumz) #19

I’m personnaly way more fan of the Mok’nathal. Pure breed ogres just look too dumb for me, sorry ogres fans.

(Paladina) #20

There are no female Orges in game, one might ask how we have so many without females to mother them?

My understanding from the Blizzard team at that time was that “fat” female toons would not be popular and they had no model of a female ogre they were happy with or something along those lines.

(Orctang) #21

Test tube baby! You know Ogres are highly advanced right?


Problem with Ogres is nobody would roll a female Kul’tiran ErHAM… I mean ogre.

(Drougen) #23

I think Blood elves were a great idea. It added contrast to the horde, but was still a horde race. :man_shrugging:


Why can’t we have Gorian Ogres?

It’s not like they’re dumb, in fact, Khadgar himself said the Gorian empire had better knowledge of the arcane than many mages of Azeorth, including some of the Kirin Tor.

I’d love a two headed Ogre Mage or Warlock.

(Chanel) #25

Darling, with today’s culture as it is I highly doubt blizzard will ever have ogres as a playable race. If they don’t make a female then they will be called sexist and if they make a ugly fat one they will be called sexist and fat shamers. I wish I were trolling about it but that is how the world is atm

(Zoumz) #26

Actually in the Maghar scenario we try to rally some ogres to come back with us from draenor but they chose instead to betray us :frowning:


Ogres and Goblins have been part of the Horde since the very First War, they’re just not playable.

It’s interesting how the Ogres interacted with Orcs back in OG Draenor before the whole demon corruption(thank you stupid space goats).

(Autai) #28

They’d make for a great AR after the first round are done.

(Zoumz) #29

Goblins were more contractors before joining the Horde in Cata. They never “sided” with the Horde. As for Ogres they were part of the old Horde with the shadow council and Cho’gall at their head representing them in it, once the shadow council was broken with Gul’dan demise Cho’gall and his followers left.


You’re confusing the cartels.

Orgrim Doomhammer hired Goblins for their technology with the gold the Orcs sacked from Stormwind vaults. It’s on Chronicles.

Since then, they’ve been with us as engineers. Go ahead and play WCIII, they even designed Orgrimmar and many of the zeppelins used in transportation!

(Hecatone) #31

One word, doors.

Also, Blood Elves for the win.

(Zoumz) #32

is the key word.
“employed for a short time to do a particular job.”

If you look for Gazlowe lore (builder of Orgrimmar) you’ll find what that means. Even if he’s working for the Horde time to time, he still doesn’t hate the Alliance and Ratchet is a neutral city. And he’s always getting paid for that work.


Of course they’re getting paid for the work they do, I never said otherwise.

Where do you think the Horde got the money to pay them in first place? Goblins have been part of the Horde since they could afford their tech and knowledge of Azeroth. The fact they never fought on the frontlines, do not mean they were never there until Cataclysm.