Unpopular opinion post


I never said they didnt have the right. I said they were doing it wrong. Its not complicated.


That doesn’t sound very tolerant. Reported.


Even more unpopular opinion: If you have a strong opinion on how others should play their class you should go play BFA.


You and i both know i didnt mean druids


False. This is why people 2h tank early game - to generate more rage/threat. If you have put this little thought into it, why even complain about it?

That depends. Say you add 25% more damage to the party by 2hing, but take 25% more damage. The mobs are dying 25% faster, so you’re actually taking the same amount of damage overall, you’re just taking it faster. Now if you going 2h lets you hold aggro better, so your DPS can go harder, you’re netting even more damage, and taking even less.

There is almost no reason to put points into prot early. Bosses don’t hit hard enough to need Imp. Shield Block, and by the time you’re getting to the real useful talents as split spec (Defiance, Last Stand) you’re going to be high enough level that you’re gonna want to think about respeccing to deep Prot anyway.

Some people just don’t like questing, and the best way to level besides that is dungeon farming. And the best way to farm (some) dungeons is AoE.

Getting access to the rare drops and more money early on lets you corner certain markets and can snowball your income significantly later.

Nothing is being circumvented or abused. Farming dungeons is a part of the game, AoE is a part of the game.


My aoe runs with my guildmates have been going fine. No one is complaining, the healer isn’t bothered by it, and we get through the dungeons at a reasonable (but not breakneck) pace. I have found that they are really only practical when two warriors + a shaman with Windfury are present, however. The whole point of aoe runs is to kill the mobs so fast that the amount of damage that they can deal is limited, making things easier, not harder, on the healer.


I will take this into consideration the next time I play my Druid. :slight_smile:

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You think Classic is about taking the easy, slow road, rather than pushing your limits or trying new things?

Sounds like a boring way to game.


You think classic is about playing how you want to the detriment of those around you instead of as helpfully as possible to be as usefull as possible?

Sounds like a selfish way to play.


Mage is Op and needs frost nerfed to a state of being worse than melee survival.

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How is doing the dungeons faster and more efficiently a detriment to those in the group? You just said:

If you want a relaxing, slow and easy experience then you can have it. Just make sure it’s not at the detriment of those who don’t want to waste their time fulfilling your ideal personal experience.



To be sure. And that implies the opinion that it’s legitimate to say “tank” when you mean “warrior,” which is another opinion that stinks like a dead badger.

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Unpopular opinion #1: Chasing gear, mounts, toys, pets, etc is a waste of effort and time. Most of the valuable items in this game are gated behind RNG, which means attempting to obtain these items puts you in a gear casino where you gamble your time for rewards. In my opinion, it is destructive to view gear as a reward. It further reinforces the gambling aspects of the game. I think it is better to play and do things out of boredom or a desire for an experience.

Unpopular opinion #2: Raiding is fundamentally stupid if your goal is solely to progress your character. I used to be a hardcore raider in a very serious guild. The truth is that raiding is not a good investment of your time unless you enjoy wiping or playing with those people. Even the best guilds wipe hundreds of times to the harder bosses. You are again kind of gambling and hoping nobody messes up, gets dced, etc. There is also something very restricting about playing on a schedule to me. I think the goal of raiding should again be the experience and not simply killing the bosses.


Opinion: While most folks want the mechanics to stay the same, I’d be fine if they re-itemized the gear and provided additional versions of the sets so each spec was more viable in raids.


How is forcing the other players to adjust to needing to heal more and be more careful about group pulls when both of those things should be on the tank to mitigate not a detriment?

“If you want a relaxing, slow and easy experience then you can have it. Just make sure it’s not at the detriment of those who don’t want to waste their time fulfilling your ideal personal experience.”

Except that the slow and easy experience is that STANDARD experience. If you want to deviate from what is standard then it is YOU that should make sure you are not a detriment, not the other way around. Learn to accept responsibility for your actions.