Unpopular opinion post


Implying shield bash and revenge dont do threat. Revenge procks on block so its easy threat on demand and shield bash is just easy threat. Having a shield gives you both of these options for threat easily and essentially on demand.


Implying you have shield slam? at level 30 is something a feat!

Implying that you’re speced 31 points into prot at level 40 tells me you don’t understand the class and mechanics of tps that well.

A 2hded warrior will do much more TPS then a sword and board warrior, for pretty much the whole game. Duel wielded fury/prot will have tons more TPS then that, and imagine if you had a shaman in the group!

Plus the extra damage to a mob will make it die faster, thus requiring your healer to heal for less time.


That just it. The team can almost always handle it. They just handle it rougher. Which was my whole point you missed.


Then it simply comes down to whether you value speed, or ease better. Classic risk vs reward scenario.


Except you are deciding for your team what they want when you make your decision to go for speed instead of safety. If your group agrees on that fine but a truly new wow player probably needs to be shown the ropes.


Of all the insults in the world the one I’ve never understood is “tryhard”

It sounds like it translates to “stop being better than me”

Someone point out the main problems with trying hard to me pls? I’m old and don’t get things!


the interrupt shield spell? Perhaps I named the wrong one.

TPS two handed is good single target, but multi target having things like shield interrupt which does good threat and the ability to pop revenge at will which does good threat makes aggroing several targets on large pulls easier and more managable.


I won’t argue that. It’s a team based game and you should play together and have fun. But, getting instantly triggered by a 100% valid gameplay tactic is unreasonable.


Tryhard means anybody that goes out of their way to process extra effort into the game to maximize their returns. I said it wasnt a bad thing, i just think its laughable ot take a game so seriously. Ill take the business i own seriously and leave the fun to gaming.


That’s not an unpopular opinion, that’s just an incorrect statement. You basically don’t need a tank in low level dungeons as long as someone with mail or plate (or leather under 40) takes most of the aggro from the clothies.

Not any more silly than the rest of this game.

This is not an opinion either. It’s just incorrect. There are plenty of reasons to rush to the level cap. There always have been, which is why there have always been players rushing to the level cap.

You may not care about those reasons, but denying their existence is objectively incorrect.

You’re also incorrect about rushing not giving an advantage.


tps is great for two handed on single target but with shield interrupt and revenge basically on call when you have a shield up the threat on many targets is much more easily manageable. Making it easier on everybody around you. not to mention at the point where the difference between with and without shield are noticable on threat dont really matter single target because at that point youhave the most threat regardless of what your holding. ITs really about mitigation.


Guess that just depends on the group and healer. I wonder how tanks builds will be for speed kills and what not.


I never said you NEEDED a tank at all. I said thats how tanks are SUPPOSED to be run. We are talking about to different things because you are trying to change the conversation to suit your point. This isnt about whether you can have a tank or not, its about how tanks should be played properly for the most benefit to the group in the most situations. its about being the best player you can for as many people as possible.

So you think that playing the game as intended is just as silly as trying to circumnavigate mechanics to abuse them to level? is that what im understanding?

Please explain the reasons to rush to 60 so that i may change my mind. Please explain the advantage of rushing to 60 to wait for content?

also even if i am incorrect that doesnt make it less of an opinion, thats literally not how opinions work. Basic english stuff there.


Last time I checked, killing monsters is a valid way to level. What about killing lots at once makes it not intended?
Edit: Also, 1h TPS is pathetic until much much later. In every case.


the part where you do things the developers didnt intend to cheese the system? Why do you think they nerfed how it works? Lol.

Thats odd, i ahve no problems tanking with 1 hand? lose threat plenty but i have abilities to gain it RIGHT back.Your just talking about threat generated by auto attack or taking damage. Not really a problem when you know how to use your threat generating abilities properly.


Didn’t the developers give classes AOE abilities? Or am I mistaken…
You can tank with a 1H for sure, I do it too. But the TPS isn’t even close.

Edit: They nerfed dungeon farming?


…and that’s an objectively incorrect statement.

It’s not that your opinion is unpopular. It’s just wrong.

I don’t even know what it would mean to “circumnavigate” a mechanic.

If you can’t already think of some, then you’re being deliberately obtuse. Having some random forum-goer draw it in crayon for you isn’t going to change your mind.

Your statements are less opinion and more incorrect facts.

An opinion is a judgement that isn’t necessarily based on facts at all.


Here is why you are incorrect: This is a game. Each person has the intrinsic right to play how THEY THEMSELVES have fun doing.


They gave them gold too but not to be used in a way that was against their wishes silly billy. And yes they nerfed xp gains to xp farmers


The OP managed to avoid that, I think. Bards. shakes head Pretty sure these unpopular opinions are indeed unpopular, because they stink like a dead badger.

I’m a tank and I can’t use a shield even if I wanted to.