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inb4 this thread gets locked faster than my car doors in a bad neighborhood.

If your a tank, and you dont use a shield. Your doing it wrong. Regardless of level, or spec. Yes it can be done, but it also takes away from your healer or dps to do so. Dps will catch aggro easier and hold it longer and therefor do less dps. Healers will oom faster trying to heal more damage. A bad healer might fail and cause the group to wipe. You should be there to fill in those gaps in skill. Be someone who helps carry the group, not someone who helps makes it worse.

Arms is acceptable spec for tanking if used properly with prot secondary. in fact its integral for stance dancing.

Dungeon aoe farming is silly. If you want to level easier play retail. Thats what its for. There is no reason to rush to 60. You WILL be content walled anyway. Rushing gives you nothing of advantage. You WILL spend time dicking around in major cities cause you dont have much else to do once you cap. I promise its not all its cracked up to be even after all the raids are released.

If you aoe farm, your a tryhard, its not a bad thing, but its true. going out of your way to circumvent inentional mechnanics to abuse them for leveling is certainly tryhard.

Theres nothing wrong with using guild addons to help spread the word for your guild as long as you dont send more than one message to each person, and you dont invite without whispering somebody first to talk to them about it. Anybody that complains about getting random friendly whispers about potential friends and opportunities probably shouldnt be playing an MMO or should move to retail where all of that is automated and you dont get invites because the world is dead like that.

“Classic +” should happen. Flying should not. It makes the world feel small at the cost of “wow and fun” factor for the player. Sacrificing world building and immersion for easy fun factor is what killed alot of retail wow. You know why seeing mounts isnt impressive in retail? Because literally every player has a huge impressive cool looking mount now because fun factor was more important that immersion and they give em away to anybody. Flying causes more harm than good and can be very easily circumvented with mechanics already present in the game like telepads to get where you couldnt before. Is it fun to fly? yes, will i miss it? yes. are we better off without it? Yes.

Death knights are garbage and shouldnt be in wotlk servers when they come out. Replace them with bards. Do bards fit in lore? dont even care. DO NOT have bards start being playable at lvl 55. You realised this mistake too late and reverted it for the other hero classes but still having dks unlock at 55 meant EVERY SINGLE NOOB who makes it to 55 immediatly rolls death knight to cap and plays it for ever. It creates an overabundance of that class (which was badly optimised and balanced for at least the entirety of wotlk) and most of them being noobs made the rep for them horrible. Imagine every 5 man having 3 dks and two of them having no idea what they are doing. yeah no thanks. DK suck, the mechanics used to implement them suck, their balance sucked, their rep sucked, their playerbase sucked. DK were a huge mistake. LFG too. none of that here either. same reasons as flying. you can check there for more info. worldbuilding etc.

probably more to come.

TL;DR complaints about tanking, flying, aoe grinding, guild invite systems etc.

Feel free to post your unpopular opinion here or go to town on my post with your own point of view.


You sound pretty peanut butter and jealous

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Unpopular opinion: most unpopular opinions are actually popular opinions.



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You think you do. But you really don’t.


this is a completely new post that hasn’t been debunked over and over and over!


lol of what exactly?


Anyone that hits 60 before me is a pathetic loser. Anyone that hits 60 after me is a casual newb.


Thats a lot of text for saying nothing at all.


i never said any of those things. nice generalization though. almost couldnt see the hook in that bait.


As a healer… this is not a unpopular opinion… it is by far the most popular one I have ever seen posted!


I know for some large portions of text can be hard to understand. Theres tldr at the end that explains it better!


Nice OPED. Next time fact check :wink:


I was giving my unpopular opinion as your post requests. Lol jeeez

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Unpopular Opinion:

You aren’t as clever or insightful as you think your are OP.


Fact: When I’m multiboxing SM, my clearspeed with 1h + Shield is 50% longer than my clearspeed with 2h.

When your team can handle it, more damage is always better than less damage.


Stopped reading there after you explained sword and board at level 30 generates more threat then a 2hander.


Babies do a lot of staring for someone who doesn’t know how to fight


Frickin’ seriously, eh?! :slight_smile:


You playing a different version of wow mate? If your dps aren’t going full send the second you charge in and steal aggro, then you’re not playing classic.