<Uno Más> - Alliance

<Uno Más> is recruiting all roles for our core raid team. We’re freshly formed from a handful of keen raiders and friends. Raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday nights 7:30 - 10:30PM server time.

We have an experienced & active leadership team who are happy to assist with your attunements & gearing. We’re also going to be pulling together PUG raids while we are still growing our core, look out for us filling these slots in LFG.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more - you can message Rainbowy, Wulfson, Empressfavey or Notfanta in-game to talk about any of the above or feel free to drop a message here.



I have only joined <Uno Más> 2 days ago now, and already I’ve seen an improved glow to my skin, this guild has done wonders for me , and can do wonders for you too.


Seems like a very good guild with good people :slight_smile:


We’ve killed Ony with our friends in < Azeroth Uber Drivers >.

Still recruiting, specifically looking for some holy priests, warlocks and hunters.


An update for all of you!
We are 1/1 Ony and 6/10 MC with one more raid night to come this reset. All inquiries welcome for positions; our core roster has been filling up healthily and we’re now looking for exceptional warlocks and rogues and maybe a mage or two to round out our roster.

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We are 8/10 MC and looking for exceptional players in the following roles:

  • Holy priest
  • Holy paladin
  • Warlock
  • Rogue

We are now looking for a holy paladin, fury warrior, and a pair of spooky warlocks to join our core raiding team - other exceptional inquiries may be considered. We have MC and Ony on farm.

I’m just looking for a guild to help me becoming one of the best frostmages in game … looking for a alliance in felstriker but hard to find any players

Join the chat channel Unomage (/join unomage) you can ask our mages there for tips and tricks.

Does your guild have any open slot for a mage by chance ?