Unnamed guild scam

The unnamed guild is bad. They invite people into the guild and tell you a raid time. Then after 1 hour past the time we are supposed to pull, everyone leaves. Knowing that I do not have time to waste with people who do not take guild schedules’s seriously, I guild quit. The whole guild got upset that they could no longer manipulate a member and then attacked my character in public channels. I would avoid working with this guild in future given their history of acting childish. I supposed professionalism is low on the priority list of this guild.
Dr. Faust

I can’t even tell if this is a troll or not anymore. You spam on three different alts, calling people pedophiles and then do this… lol.

Get some help my dude <3 Everything is going to be okay.

https:// classic. warcraftlogs. c0m /character/us/kurinnaxx/drfaust

Uh logs they are so accurate lol.

Maybe in retail.

So, we have a Raid 3 pug trying to form that this guy gets invited too. Complaining in raid chat the whole time that we were wasting his time, etc. So, he was being a dickhead in raid chat so we kicked him from the raid and he was in our discord. Out of knowhere we hear some kid screaming in discord that we were the most trash guild on the server and we were fags. Then, for 5 hours after that he was talking trash about us in LFG lol

I kind of see that after a few post but can u guys come to light hop need honor bro. Post ur time for raids plz

tuesday thursday 3-6 server

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Unnamed is a bad guild. I think people only join them when desperation is a high factor

Funny, I think your claim is completely unfounded and therefore worthless. We ALL really appreciate the multiuple death threats you posted in trade and world chat though. Made the reports pretty easy.