UNLOCK THE REALMS! Can't join friends on boosted account

What is going on here?

All my buddies quit until que times died down and now wrath is dying and the servers are still locked. I can’t join them on grob to arena…


right? i just want to get my rogue off of old blanchy and have him join his brethren on whitemane but for some reason i cant xfer it over still. hasnt been a queue in quite some time and i would even delete one of my name holder alts.

I feel like at this point they should allow new characters to be created, possibly require a 55 to make a DK to help somewhat curb bots (lol), but don’t open the locked realm to transfers.

That way you don’t have entire guilds flocking the server instantly, but if pluses want to play with their friends they can.

It’s not just about queue times. It’s also about them wanting to kill off megaservers and stop new ones from forming. The min they turn transfers on, if you’re on a small/med pop server, high pop servers are gonna be swamped and turned into a new megaserver.


No, it’s not.

The only people talking like this are negative doomsayers or people who want to give their gripes a talking point.

That fewer people are playing right now is as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning. This game is always a cycle and with the people who just came for something to do after being bored with Shadowlands going back for Dragonflight and with people raid logging now this was going to happen regardless of anything. Wrath is fine.

Anyway on your topic Blizzard already said this:
" As a result, we’ve made the choice to effectively close US and EU mega-realms to new and additional incoming players indefinitely."
[Classic] The unacceptable state of Classic servers - Community / WoW Community Council - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Yea but it’s also still about que times even today.

There not being a que now dosent mean not enough pop to cause one and a massive one at that if all logged in at once. This was the exact reason for the ques as blizzard outright said. Them failing to lock realms when pop was past the point of ques if even a reasonable amount of them wanted on at once.

As such when new content drops ques will be back eg p2. Then unlocking realms would be them repeating the exact mistake they mentioned and apologized for in the vary posts that locked the realms.

They have outright said there not getting unlocked any time soon as they want mega servers gone.

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