Unlock Draenor, plz

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#NoChanges for prev expacs !


Just a heads up with those rep tokens, Medallion of the Legion, they are NOT currently rewarding Vol’jin’s Spear rep.

I used them back when WoD was live to help finish out my reps but I didn’t bother with finishing that one. I never did Ashran (I worked a lot when WoD was live, I missed a lot of things in it) so I recently spent time farming up 21 of them to finish it and get their rep mount. I waited til Darkmoon was up cause I did the math and 21 + trading post bonus + darkmoon rep bonus would have gotten me to exalted. I used one and the rep for Vol’jin didn’t budge.

That rep isn’t required at all for Draenor pathfinding but I’m now stuck with 20 Medallions I can’t sell or use because I didn’t know they no longer gave that rep despite no changes in the tooltip. Just trying to let people know so they don’t get in the same boat.

The scouting missions from the garrison vendor are still available, I’ve actually been doing them to trigger invasions I never did for chances at the mounts from them. The Pit one does seem to trigger them better and at level 120 you can basically stand around doing minimal effort while your guards get you platinum.

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try harder, you’ll figure it out.

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I’m sorry still not following. I have absolutely zero reason to ever go back to the Broken Isles that would not be applied to literally any other expansion in the game.

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everybody is not you. We’re not all done unlocking ARs.

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Not my fault that you waited over a year and a half to grind reps. Yet again. Same can be said for any reputation with a reward from any expansion.

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Oh, sorry, I didn’t know this topic orbited around your account.How silly of me.


I think it’s stupid to defend having to do pathfinder for Legion and WoD when the better expansions only require a small gold sum to get soaring.

Current expac not having flying is already shaky enough as it is, just let people fly in the old stuff.

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You’ve never unlocked Pathfinder on any of your toons?

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A majority of players have the rep requirement to play the Legion AR. People grinding them out now are in the minority sorry.

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So? That doesn’t change the fact that is still relevant content to some. Are they less important than you? Elitist snobbery, not withstanding of course.

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No more relevant than those wanting to farm Skyguard rep for a Nether Ray mount.

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Allied races are current content.

Stop. Just, please. Stop.

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Well if you’re a completionist then there is a HUGE ton of stuff to complete. All kinds of achievements etc that lead right into flying.

But again per previous comments I wouldn’t care if they allowed people to unlock it via a gold purchase per character.

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This just in content released 6 months before the expansion is “current” content. Was Ruby Sanctum current Cata content? Just wondering.


No it would not bother me as long as I am able to play my way, no matter what it is. If they want to add something then it’s fine with me as long as I am able to play my way.

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Perhaps when 8.2 goes live, you’ll be able to use them for Vol’jin’s Spear rep. Since Ashran is being rereleased I would think the rep will be active again.


It takes me a handful of hours to level through WoD content on foot, and I don’t foresee myself exploring every zone, grinding rep, completing every quest and whatnot to unlock flying in draenor when the only reason I go to the WoD zones is when I’ve just hit 100 on a toon. It’s also jarring being able to fly in the legion zones having been grounded.
I feel that holding a pathfinder flight achievement should award flight for any older content. I can fly in legion zones and I’m working towards BFA flight; if someone skipped Legion and has returned in BFA and they unlock BFA flying I don’t see why they should be grounded in the broken isles.


I hope so. I asked if the rep would be returned in another thread but got no responses :frowning:

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Yeah - I levelled in Pandaria to 95, did 95-100 in Shadowmoon alone, on my Velf.