Unlock Benediction and Faerlina when?

It’s time Blizzard, no reason to keep these servers locked

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It’s to stop que times and gold sellers from transferring lots of materials.

Blizzard openly stated they don’t want mega realms and admited they shouldent of let them happen.

The post that locked them mentioned the locks not going away any time soon.

I wouldent expect them to be unlocked untill the time the realms are not longer bigger than other realms and at that point why would you transfer there.

Not wanting mega servers vary much is a reason to keep them locked. In fact them not locking is exactly why they came to be and the exact mistake blizzard admited to so why would the repeat the same mistake (like they norm do). Them keeping them locked is blizzard doing the right thing for once.

Here is a whole thing: [Classic] The unacceptable state of Classic servers - #7 by Aggrend-1483

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