Unite and Face the Onslaught of the Dreamsurge

When Rag is defeated, Cenarius immediately days that he may rise again or another may take his place

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One other quibble - these Surges are only happening in the four original DF zones, but it sure would have been nice to have some in ZC to incentivize people to go actually go in there and kill rares again :upside_down_face:


Good idea. Please none in that Cavern though… I flew in there one time… ported out after 5 minutes, never to return. :laughing:

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Why not? Those objectives are the easiest and quickest to get done lol

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Glab that it’s finally becoming reality.

Strange lack of giant penguins and all-consuming orbs though.


…what? it is quite literally the current patch zone. Just because you don’t do it doesn’t mean others don’t. I still go there to do researchers under fire and the weekly rep quest, and/or to kill the world boss on alts. Oh and the dragon race WQs and gold ones if there’s any up.


the dreamsurge chrysalis was bound to account but now it’s not huh

9 weeks to get a full set of champion upgradeable up to heroic


I do as well but I never see anyone else there. Time Rifts are always busy though. The Kalimdor races were pretty busy the first couple of days as well. Even the Suffusion Camp was busy today on my server.

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Assuming you don’t get repeat rewards. GL with that.

On another note, I’m glad they’re growing a new world tree for us to burn down later.

the dreamsurge chryalis lets you choose a piece of gear

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Neat. I didn’t expect deterministic loot again.

its in the vein of the dilated time capsule which i like but man it was bind on account before and they changed it lol

couldve been done in a week with my alts funneling to main

If ZC was the Maw of DF, you’d still have to grind it to keep up with the Jones.

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No, please don’t!

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I like when people do the math and show what the time sink is. Blizz has had some doozies and has had to ‘crank up the volume knob’ many times when someone does their math for them and embarrasses them into action.

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9 weeks doing the bare minimum though. You’d think as players start to get this champion gear and upgrading it, they could gravitate toward N/H raid or lower level keystones and increase their chances to acquire gear and cut down that 9 week period significantly.

im not doing normal / heroic raids and m+ on 12 characters

no thank you

dunno the reason why they changed the chrysalis to be bound on pickup though. it was a good idea, probably. blizzard is allergic to those

some great catchup is too much for end of patch

Don’t forget that they are also doing the 6 weeks of TW’ing before the next patch too, so between the 2 activities it shouldn’t be that hard to gear toons.

idc about gearing my characters , i just want to collect the heroic appearances, like 10.0.7 did

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