Unholy feedback: Apocalypse 0 CD problem

Hello, I’m an unholy dk who does pvp most of the time.

There is one point that have to be address by Blizzard about Apocalypse.

Apocalypse has been a central part of unholy since Legion. Right now it has a 1.5 min CD baseline, but you can decrease the CD with two talents:

  1. PVE talent - Army of the Damned: Reduces 45s CD of Apocalypse plus other effects.

  2. PVP talent -Necromancer’s Bargain: Reduces 45s CD of Apocalypse plus other effects.

As result, we get a 0 CD Apocalypse, which is kinda unfair against other players and boring rotation to do. Loss on both sides.

In my point of view, this build should not go to live server and I hope Blizzard will find a solution.

Thank you, players and developers for reading, please leave your comment if you think it is a problem or your opinions.

If you are still interested, here are some of my ideas to fix it:

  1. (PVP talent -Necromancer’s Bargain) stays the same.

  2. (PVE talent - Army of the Damned) changes effect to Vision of perfection from BFA (unholy, probability summons two ghouls). Which have interaction with other two PVE talents: (Magus of the Dead) or (Ruptured Viscera).

  3. (PVE talent - Army of the Damned) and (PVE talent - Army of the Dead) change places. (Army of the Dead) is a talent that we can’t use on PVP, unless we choose one (PVP talent - Raise Abomination). Basically use two talents for a bad outcome.

(PVE talent - Army of the Dead) blocks our way and combinations in the third section of the spec tree, because it is in the start-center of it.

  1. Transfer the CD reduction of (PVE talent - Army of the Dead) effect from (PVE talent - Army of the Damned) to (PVE talent - Army of the Dead) itself. It is an 8 min CD button baseline.

I’m pretty sure with this changes we, unholy dks, won’t oneshot other players or NPC, just bring a little more flavor to the table of talents build.

PD: A few days ago I published one post about my opinion about DK and unholy. If you want to read more, check “Opinions/ideas about dk, unholy and a pinch pvp” on PTR section.

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