Unholy Dom Set bonus?

Someone explain this to me…in todays hotfix notes it says basically if you have 3 Dom socket pieces you unlock THAT set bonus…the tooltip still reads Blood, Frost, Chaos? Really confusing how they have it worded.

What don’t you understand? Every piece of gear that gives a set bonus tells you what set bonus it can unlock.

It should say you need 3 of a certain type to unlock the bonus listed on the piece.

They just added an additional bonus unlocker slot for each shard type.

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Assuming that you play a clothie as you are posting on a warlock, the belt now also unlocks the Unholy bonus whereas previously it was only the helm that does that, is what I understand.

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Yep, my lock. So I think I was reading it wrong. The way I read it, any three pieces would unlock the Chaosbane set bonus…guess thats not the way it works. A buddy just got a piece and it says “two or more” whereas all mine say three. So I basically still need the helm from SoD to get the bonus…I already have a dom socket belt 239 from Korthia.

I see that you have your chest and belt equipped and I understand that you don’t have a helm yet, but do you have shoulders or bracers?

As the legs do not come with a socket, you would still need to equip 3 pieces with a socket to trigger the Unholy bonus, it’s just that it doesn’t HAVE to be the helm, as you have a belt already.

I do have the shoulders but it says “winds of winter” set bonus…so wouldnt I still need the helm that says chaosbane?

If you look at your chest it should say it triggers the Blood bonus.
Shoulders is equivalent to what the helm does for Unholy, it triggers the Frost bonus, if that makes sense.

It does, but I want the Chaos…so still gotta get the helm I guess lol

Uh, no, try equipping your shoulder and socket the unholy shard, you should get Unholy bonus which now can be triggered by your belt.

For some reason the Codex rep + Deaths Advance rep dom socket gear does NOT provide the set bonuses that i would expect to be on these pieces with the new change.

I hope this is just an oversight and not another kick in the nuts when it comes to how useless these reps are.

some can’t read

Yeah, didnt work. So Im guessing its gotta be the SoD belt…not that codex rep belt to get the bonus.

Oh wow, it doesn’t?

… I have all the 5 pieces already so I wasn’t aware that it didn’t work despite the new changes.

That’s… really dumb.

Looking at your character that you’re posting on, you only have 2 Domination sockets. You’ll need 3 or more to activate any gem socket bonus.

LOL…yep. Maybe theyll fix it to work. BUT if they dont, I guess Ill just keep grinding for the helm.

Not sure if its not refreshing, but I have three. Shoulders, Belt and chest.

Ah, then I think I see the problem. The items bought from the rep vendors in Korthia don’t seem to have working Domination set bonuses yet. My vendor gloves are the same way (but I don’t need to use them for my bonuses, so it hasn’t directly affected me). I am hoping that it is a bug and that it’ll be fixed ASAP.

Me too, but thank you to everyone who chimed in to help out :slight_smile: I was a little confused with the way it was worded in the blue post.