Unholy DK Tunning 8.2


Why can’t they give SS the same mechanic as some of the other aoe abilities with a ST use. Stuff like eyebeam gets something like +50% damage against the main target.

Buff SS to make it better for ST, but make the cleave portion on DnD do reduced damage so in aoe. Adjust numbers so it is damage neutral in aoe compared to what we have now.

(Apparition) #46

An easy way to resolve the issues with AoE Cleave and ST Damage is the following:

Death and Decay
Death and Decay change it to the following when this spell is effecting two or more targets it allows for Scourge Strike and Clawing Shadows to hit all targets currently being damaged by Death and Decay. While Death and Decay is only effecting a single target all damage abilities done by the DeathKnight is increased by 30% which includes all DOT’s and Direct Damage . However when effecting two or more targets the main target will only take increased damage for direct damage abilities done by the DeathKnight for 30% any DOT’s will not have this bonus applied.

They could also make a talent which turns DnD into a passive Aura that lasts for a period of time and moves with the DK which removes the ability to use DnD targeted in an area but gives the advantage that it moves around with the DK and isn’t on a cooldown etc.

(Ghannön) #47

That’s a horrible idea.

(Fookí) #48

been saying this- you shorten army to a reasonable cd; it gives a hell of a lot more head way to buff other attacks.

(Apparition) #49

Care to Elaborate why? I am not saying it’s awesome by any means and there are better alternatives certainly but right now the ST damage for Unholy is beyond deplorable and to a certain level so is the AoE when compared to other melee classes with more utility and tools in terms of PvE than a DK has…so what reason would you take a DK over another class that provides superior utilities, DPS in both AoE and ST? That the point

(Fookí) #50

and what’s sad is the fact we’re basically doing the devs’ job for them; all they have to do is read the forums and think, “hey this sounds like it might work. let’s try it.”

so many fruitful ideas just waiting to be plucked off the tree…

(Gurthäng) #51

They sound more interested in tunning those half assed essences than classes

(Myronas) #52

On this we unquestionably agree.

My biggest grievance with the Essences is how lopsided they are by design. Some classes get their literal God Tier PvP talent, to use in raids, and we get the strike that prevents healing on the target…

I’d love to here Blizzard and the mental gymnastics needed to explain the “logic” behind the decision, if any even exists.

(Gurthäng) #53

Thats gonna change, they said those essences are not planed to be used in pve so they gonna just change the op ones for more crappy ones.

(Myronas) #54

I’d rather see them bring the crappy ones up to speed, I like the concept.

(Apparition) #55

That’s not quite true what they said was that the choice should be one which is often used by PvP players to free a talent option ultimately give the PvP player another Talent etc. However, it should also be one which is useful in PvE to some degree while not all will be terrific for PvE they should be at least functional to use making the perspective of the Essence and it’s available in PvE instances etc a valid choice.

They are changing some of them like Druid options etc. but if they don’t change the UH DK and potentially the Blood DK ones to something a little more functional and at least some level of small benefit in PvE then it’s just once again deplorable development choices and insight to the DK class as a whole and just another one of the many they keep doing over and over and over.

(Gurthäng) #56

No they said that those essences are not intended for pve, but could have some situational interactions for pve. They are mostly intended for pvp.


Good, the only way for the essence to be an absolute disaster is if players who prefer to be PvE only feel like they have to have it because the ability is too good to pass up in PvE (which LotP, for example, definitely is).

It’s much less bad for it to be unpopular overall, or something that you just want to swap out when you PvE. There’s lots of other essences to choose from, some of them are probably going to be unpopular and that’s harmless.


Unholy Buffs on the PTR finally Huzzah!

(Gurthäng) #60

Just wish they would now buff Summon Gargoyle talent a little bit to make it viable after those buffs. But that never gonna happen im afraid.
Also death coil wasnt buffed enough imo, could use an extra 10% buff. Its still gonna be the weakest spender.


Increase DC cost and scale the dmg according to cost , that what they did in Legion to buff Dark Abitar.

(Ryudaraku) #62

It already costs 40 Runic, which is what it cost in Legion. That is why the spec feels so “slow” death coil’s runic cost is still balanced around our garbage Resource traits from Apoc.

(Gurthäng) #63

If they buff Death Coil for 10% more (which they wont im afraid) it would be in a really good spot.

(Ryudaraku) #64

I would frankly rather them just reduce the cost to make its damage/cost in line. It remaining at 40 Runic is absurd given that we don’t have 5 Traits giving us resources now.

(Gurthäng) #65

Get more haste, im sitting at 24% haste and most of what im doing is trying to get rid of RP and sudden doom procs. Sadly the damage of DC is crap and doesnt help our dps go up.