Unholy DK Tunning 8.2

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^^ its literally in the very first post.

i put a post with mutiple playstyles in the other thread.

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I’ve said this before, I really like the idea of combining Harbinger of Doom and Army of the Damned into one talent on Tier 90 (This will allow you to choose a AoE talent, or a single target talent.) Move Defile to Tier 60 (I honestly don’t care what tier you put it in as it’s useless in its current form and just a space filler).

Create a new Tier 100 talent that increases all damage done by 10% for 2 seconds, increasing by 2 seconds for every ghoul summoned by AotD and Apoc.

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if they wanted to help class balancing for pve and pvp, here’s a thought i had (considering blizzard basically funnels players into specific “cookie cutter” builds but just doesn’t want to admit it):

  1. get rid of pvp talents. (this will make more sense after my post is done).
  2. arrange talent trees for each tier to be sorted as the following: a pve based skill, pvp based skill, and a passive/utility.
  3. bake whatever’s left over back into class skills. this includes leftover pvp and pve talents that are still somewhat needed but didn’t make the cut to be buffed in the talent trees.

yes, this might make specs more homogeneous, but just look at how much more manageable to balance.


Its simple math. They removed Gargoyle from our base kit and then nerfed our aura by -12% in beta.

Thats effectively a 15-18% nerf overall. Since then theyve buffed our aura 4% to -8% and Death Coil by 20%. The Death Coil changed was about a 1.2% buff. So basically…nothing.

This is the 2nd or 3rd expac in a row where we received a late Beta nerf and suffered for it. Could we please fix that? The spec, opinions on enjoyment aside, works fine. Just buff the stupid numbers already. Why is this so hard?

Since the start of Legion, Unholy has much more consistently been a bad spec.

Out of 24 dps specs:
Emerald Nightmare? 7th worst
Trial of Valor? 7th worst
Nighthold? 2nd worst
Tomb of Sargeras? 6th best (the 1 raid weve been good in the last 3 years)
Antorus? 9th worst
Uldir? 3rd-5th worst.
Battle of Dazar’alor? 2nd worst
Crucible of Storms? 2nd worst

So basically Unholy has been the 2nd worst spec 3 out of the last 8 raids. And bottom 1/3 of all specs in 7 out of 8.

When do we get our turn to just be average for a while?

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Really sad the state teh spec and nothing so far on teh PTR for us. Frost at least got some insight today, we unholy nothing.

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We don’t need another cooldown, we don’t need Army buffed.

They need to just triple or quadruple the damage on Scourge Strike and Festering Wounds, double Death Coil’s damage and cut it’s cost to something that isn’t absurd, it is still sitting at the same amount it was in Legion when we had “too many resources”

Edit : And just as a Note, How about we not have a useless power on our PVP essence.


They won’t ever buff Scourge Strike that much. Wounds and DC would be nice. But they are too afraid of Scourge Strike becoming strong because of DnD cleave.

It’s no surprise that Scourge Strike has been extremely weak since the start of Legion.

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They need to buff festering strike to hit hard for its 2 rune cost. I know we gain RP from it but dam it hits like a wet noodle.

Buff Festering Strike dmg by 30%.

We fixed.


Sadly no. Festering Strike only does about 5-6% of our overall damage. A 30% buff to it means it’s an overall buff of 1.5-1.8%.

Now, if they buffed Festering Strike, Wounds and Death Coil each by 30%?

That would about a 6% overall buff.

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Having Summon Gargoyle buffed to viable would be nice too, one extra cd for pure single target fights.


Whats the point of the talent if it isnt far ahead on single target? Same with Army of the Damned talent. Those are both purely ST talents that currently lose to Unholy Frenzy…which is both aoe and ST.

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I meant it needs a buff too.


Yea sorry I was agreeing with you.

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The last thing we need is our Cooldowns buffed, it just means are crap outside of them, it was lame in Legion it is lame now.

Well that is their fault for leaving that crap mechanic attached to the spec.

It’s AP mod is already as much as Scourge Strike and Death Coil put together, our payoff abilities need a buff not our Spender.

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It’s because of the screwed up mechanic called festering wounds, .5 version of combo points.

It’s just too hard to balance FW damage and SS damage together, it will never work.


Since the essences is coming out soon, why not tune according to Abom?
You nerf the damage and CD on AoTD, increase the percentages on all other abilities.
This makes UHDK less reliant on cooldowns and a means of remining CD reliant.


As well as DnD Cleave.


I agree. But honestly I’d take anything.

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  • Reduce FeS cost to one rune.
  • Let SS/CS have a chance to burst additional 1-2 wounds on the main target to increase ST damage and shake up the rotation.
  • Buff Death Coil, give it a DoT again, or some sort of interaction to make it useful.
  • Reduce Unholy’s GCD.
  • Remove some CDs from the GCD.
  • Allow Sudden Doom to be used on Epidemic.

There, the garbage heap is less of a garbage heap.

Unless they’re giving AotD and Gargoyle AoE components, don’t want a buff to either one. At least UF works in all situations. Picking talent X for ST and talent Y for AoE is not interesting gameplay, just annoying.