Unholy DK Tunning 8.2

(Gurthäng) #1

Making a new thread for unholy since the last one is filled with noise and almost no helpful feedback.
First off im gonna state that this is not a thread to talk about unholy mechanics but tunning and minor changes to abilities and mostly raid performance for 8.2.
As we all know unholy single target is dreadful, barely viable bottom 3 dps in raids, alongside with frost dk and in desperate need of a single target boost.
Too much damage is shifted into army of the dead, and army is not powerful enough to justify being an 8 minutes cooldown. Either reduce it to at least 6 minutes so it can be used twice in raids and make Army of the Damned talent actualy useful or buff our other abilities greatly.
Death Coil is the only spender in this game that barely hits higher than an auto attack, buffing it again wouldnt hurt. Festering strike damage does not justify the two rune cost. Apocalypse damage is also ridiculous for its cooldown length.
It’s worth mentioning that Summon Gargoyle is a dead talent and would greatly improve our single target damage if tuned properly and had a cd reduction so its viable for raids.


Get rid of aotd and just give us the pvp abomb talent instead baseline as our big dmg cd like every other class has

and buff DC dmg alot


They wont ever get rid of AotD. They tried once.

-Just make it a 4 min CD and adjust Armies of the Damned Talent as needed.
-Then buff Death Coil another 20%.

Thats all we really need. Our ST damage is absolutely atrocious.

(FookĂ­) #4

yeah, i guess i’ll retype this for another unholy post…

  1. army. this needs to be on a 3-5min cd. tune the damage down accordingly. this is by far the best thing blizzard can do in order to make room for our ST damage increase.
  2. death coil. this spender needs either a flat out buff, an added DoT effect for more runic power spent, or a mechanic that adds increased power to DC, depending on how much runic power is spent (example of levels per increased “umph”- X </= 20, 21-39, 40-59, 60-80).
  3. festering strike. either make it cost 1 rune or buff the shadow damage and keep it at 2.

just these three things alone would go a long ways in increasing our ST damage without messing up the AoE end (which to be honest shouldn’t matter anyways, since everyone says aoe’s only for trash fights… right?).


They dont need to reduce the damage of Army of the Dead if they reduce the CD. Unholy’s single target damage is so bad that it needs the second Army to compete.

Removing Gargolye from our base kit was a massive loss for us going into BFA. We havent recovered.

(Gurthäng) #6

Even if they reduce army cd the damage doesnt need any tunning, its not powerful enough as it is, ive seen rogues and dhs burst pretty much the same as us without a ****ing 8 minutes cd.
The only reason i can think of they wont lower it down is cause of pvp.

(Inemia) #7

pretty much everyone takes the abomb in pvp, its too risky to have or use an 8 minute cd in an environment where things can go sideways very quickly.


Have suggested a similar one too, DC does X damage more per runic power spent, capped at X runic power. This is a triple fix solution for unholy’s target swapping, minor gargoyle talent buff due to more RP spent in lesser time and single target. Makes mastery slightly valuable too. This surely is doable, not too over-dramatic changes.


What if they made the Undead summoned by Apoc all be DT ghouls for srs on demand sustained dmg

(FookĂ­) #10

oh i agree. i’m just trying to eliminate any excuse the devs could come up with to NOt buff us. it’s pretty fricken ridiculous at this point…

(FookĂ­) #11

exactly. it’s beyond ridiculous at this point that they can’t use some of these great ideas/suggestions people have been giving since the end of beta.

(Gurthäng) #12

Yeah but if they reduce the cd to be usable in arenas ppl wont take abom anymore cause army deal a lot more damage than abom. That the only reason i can think for not reducing its cd.

(Inemia) #13

abomb also applies virulent plague and festering wounds at no rune cost, you combine it with unholy frenzy and just spam necrostrike to burst down targets. there’s more than simple damage to consider.

the issue with army in pvp is that smart pvpers know better and will kite or run away from it. aoe roots effectively neutralizes it which is why even before we got abomb army was hardly used even in casual pvp.

it it were allowed in arena, like many of our spells it would get its own pvp only nerf to its damage, otherwise it would just be plain OP for 2s and cause a lot of complaining for 3s.

(Gurthäng) #14

You cant really kite it they leap when the target moves away, you can just pop it toss on top of someone in 2s and let it solo that person or at least make it burn all their defensives, thats what i can think off for not having its cd reduced. But yeah maybe it could be tuned differently in pvp idk.

(Inemia) #15

their leap has an internal cd though, reducing their effective uptime is all you need to make such a long CD mostly a waste.

(Apparition) #16

They are also susceptible to aoe snares and roots as well if prep’d for it and it can totally negate the effects if say they are snared and that player just runs away. By the time they break out they are already despawning

(Myronas) #17

Again, none of the issues Unholy has currently would exist had our abilities and rotations been centered around the Wound system in the same way they actually finished Combo Points for Rogues.

Also, Wounds have absolutely no business in this Class. Get rid of Combo Wounds.

(Inemia) #18

Myronas, just because you are bad and can’t play well does not mean the class mechanical design is broken.

(Apparition) #19

They could give UH a option for play styles - You want wounds take this talent, you want an Abomination and strong pets take this, you want to be the king of pestilence and diseases take this option

There by giving the players a choice of playstyle that works for them and this has been the key point I have said for sometime. DK’s by and large are forced down fixed play styles in all three spec’s and the lack of variance and choices to adapt or drastically change that playstyle is glowing beacon on lack of development or attention which the class has needed for over 4 expansions now

(Myronas) #20

Its broken because the same mechanical system on another class has functioning abilities and a rotation built around the concept, while Unholy has one spender, no spreading options, and gets punished on ST fights. I would define that as functionally broken.