Unfair treatment ... Blizzard's best work yet!

After seeing what it would take to get metamorphosis rune, I am fully sold on Blizzard supporting pay to win and RTM. OR Phill needs to get back into Blizzard HQ and start firing people.

Pally and Warlocks have rune locked behind raids and radically unfair quest chains. Only thing missing from this team is to put a Rep grind in… Oops, they did.

Now the rep grind is only to Honored but that takes days of grinding if not weeks. (those boxes don’t drop that often and you have to fill them for max rep or get the “Thanks for playing loser” rep. It takes days or weeks to get it. I know some have it but I work and have a life)

but back to Pally and Locks. Good reason to stop playing. It’s unfair at best to lock some of their runes like that. I’ve wanted to play a tank lock since Vanilla 04.

It’s poor staffing or management that allow this to happen and another reason WoW just is not top dog in the MMO world anymore. Maybe this team should have asked Chris if this crap was ok. I’m sure he would not have signed off on this team punishing players that want to try the runes out.

Blizzard, I’m starting up my FFXIV account over locks here. Hope you take time and ask Chris for some input. This is not fair and a sure way to lose players. I would be hard pressed to find another company that hates their players as much as you all do.


No shot you are a warlock complaining about things that are unfair when Shadow Priests aren’t even pulling 20 dps rn.


Not anymore.

I mean you wanna give up and go play another game, best wishes to you.
But if you were ever remotely interested in playing SoD, maybe do your research.


You’re a couple days late and a dollar short with this one.


ok, the point is this: I should not have to be MAX level to get the rune. Even if they moved it outside, there are still NPCs that are way too high for someone to get this rune at a reasonable level to enjoy leveling with it.

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Level 25 isn’t the end of leveling. Your character will be able to level all the way to 60.
Please don’t hurt yourself with those goalposts.


You don’t have to be. Get some friends to help you get it


laughs in ignoring the 35 levels more beyond 25 to hit max level

Bye Felicia. Nobody needs ya.


Have you considered gittin’ gudder, friend?


Why though?

You have 35 levels to go


Did this in two days of casual farming with no restore shenanigans.


If you’re a decent lock you can farm the acolytes outside the raid solo. Which I did. It’s inconvenient, but not that bad.

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It would ne unfair if it was locked until phase 4 … only unlockable with lvl 60

you went to FF over EVE?

Eve has been trash ever since pearl abyss took over and pushed pay to win skill injectors

Eve is literally the most trash MMO on the market. It’s been on the decline since citadels and the sale to pearl abyss was basically the deathblow. It plays like a p2w mobile game now. There’s a reason most of the veteran players left. There’s like maybe 3-4 FCs in the entire game left with more than 5 years experience playing.

Stop comaining Jeese SoD players are some of the most entitled BABIES

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You’ve inspired me to try playing a shadow priest just to see if this is true. If it’s true, that is hilarious.

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Warlocks whining about not being able to get one rune right away is hilarious. Your already arguably the strongest class in the game right now.


Warlock crying abuot getting a single rune that does massive role change for them and is loaded with abilites.
Meanwhile Rogue’s have to buy 2 of their runes for tanking. And the tank rune doesn’t even work unless you have another speficic rune to work with it. And then they have no aoe abilties, no way to get energy back and other problems.
Crybaby warlocks.