Undisputed 8/8 is recruiting!

Hello Smolderweb friends!

Undisputed 8/8 BWL 10/10 MC is now recruiting for our Tue/thurs raid team as well as our Fri/sun Raid team. Our Raid times are 5:40 PST - 9pm. We use EPGP for MC/BWL and Free roll/loot council on Onyxia and ZG.

Our Tues/Wed Team is actively recruiting a resto shaman and will accept other classes but can not promise a spot in the raid.

Our Fri/Sun Group is our newest addition and is making amazing progress, they are 10/10 MC and are working towards BWL but have had some issues with attendance. We are actively recruiting anyone that shows up prepared and with a good attitude that wants to kill some bosses while getting lots of loot!

We also do ZG/Onyxia on off nights which will be available for sign up by anyone interested in going on our RSVP list in discord.

If you have any other questions please message anyone in undisputed and they will shortly refer you to an officer or someone that can help!

Here is my discord where you can contact me directly as well

What time do you guys raid

5:40 PST are when we send out invites…we like to be inside the instance and pulling by 6pm.

hmm /10chjarrrr